The Witcher: unreleased scenes from the second season from the Witchercon trailer

A little over a couple of weeks ago, Netflix is CD Projekt Red have announced the arrival, on July 9th, of an event completely dedicated to the franchise of The Witcher. Today, thanks to a new trailer of the renamed event Witchercon, we can find out more about the contents of this all-digital event, as well as take a look at some unpublished scenes of the second season of The Witcher.

The Witchercon trailer and unreleased scenes from The Witcher 2

In the new trailer, which you can find a little further below, there are some scenes taken from the video games set in the fantasy saga (but we already know that no new games will be announced), as well as some unreleased scenes from the second season of the Netflix series of The Witcher. Images that, in reality, have been obscured, but which suggest the presence of Ciri and Geralt (Henry Cavill), as well as a view of Kaer Morhen.

During the event, interviews with the creators of the TV series and the video game will be shown, as well as behind the scenes specials and various previews regarding the already announced Nightmare of the Wolf, the anime series, and The Witcher prequel spinoff, Blood Origin.

During the Witchercon, space will also be given to the new game for mobile devices, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, as well as comic books and series merchandise.

In short, a truly unmissable event for fans of the franchise.

But here’s the trailer:

The Witchercon will come to life on Netflix’s Twitch and YouTube channels on Friday 9 July, at 19:00, and then continue with a second day on Saturday 10 July, at 3:00, on the same channels.

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