The world has learned nothing from the Covid-19 pandemic, warns WHO

After almost two years of the Covid-19 pandemic the Global Preparedness Surveillance Board (GPMB), created by the World Health Organization (who), warned that the world has not learned anything and pointed out in the inequality and irresponsibility of both citizens and authorities.

Through a statement published in Berlin they described as “unequal, divided and irresponsible”To the world during the pandemic of coronavirus that claimed the lives of millions of people, a figure that could be two to three times higher, according to the WHO cited by the AFP agency.

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“If the first year of the covid-19 pandemic was defined by a collective failure to take preparedness seriously and act quickly on the basis of science, the second was marked by profound inequalities and a failure of leaders to understand our interdependence and act accordingly ”, stated the GPMB, also created by the World Bank.

Inequality in anticovid vaccines

The co-chair of the GPMB, Elhadj As Sy, said that the scientific advances to find a vaccine against Covid-19 are a source of pride, but not the inequality for the distribution, since of the six billion vaccines administered only 1.4 per One hundred reached people in poor countries, WTO chief Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was quoted as saying by AFP.

“However, we must feel profound shame in the face of multiple tragedies, such as vaccine hoarding, devastating oxygen shortages in low-income countries, the generation of children deprived of education, the disintegration of economies and fragile health systems. Elhadj As Sy said.

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Johns Hopkins University pointed out that as of Tuesday, October 26, there are 244 million 397 thousand 728 cases of Covid-19 and 4 million 961 thousand 782 people have died from the virus worldwide.


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