The world in suspense: they will try to rescue four dogs trapped by La Palma volcano with drones

The Steering Committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) authorized the company Aerocameras the possible rescue of several dogs with drones once the formal rescue request has been received. The animals are trapped in two ponds that survive in an oasis in the middle of the devastated Todoque town.

For this reason, Aerocamaras company of unmanned aircraft was hired by an animal organization will try to rescue, with modified marine logistics cargo drones, several dogs trapped by the lava of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma.

These are at least four dogs that have been in two ponds surrounded by magma for days, as reported on Monday by the animal platform

As we mentioned, the drones, which belong to the Aerocamaras company, are equipped with a pioneering system of capture and release network in case of emergency for animals up to approximately 20 kilos.

The system had not been tested before because the aviation safety laws of Spain prohibit the transfer of animals via drone, adds the organization.

What will the rescue be like?

Expert drone pilots are scheduled to move to the Island Forward Command Post, where they will show the tests of their equipment and trust that the rescue will be allowed, since it does not affect in any case the possible evacuations, nor does it hinder the terrestrial communications and less are lives in danger, since they are piloted drones 450 meters from the target.

Three people have been transferred because a team of three drones will go to the rescue: a cargo team to transport materials or rescue the dogs, another drone with a 30x camera to scan the area and verify the safety of the operation. , and a specific third with a thermal camera to study the terrain and find out which route is where there is less heat.

If rescue is not possible, an attempt will be made to move some kind of shelter and food to the ponds in greater quantity, among other possibilities, to save the lives of animals.

The height of the land that stalks the pond is like a giant that the volcano pushes daily centimeter by centimeter, with the risk of burying them with a simple earthquake detachment, if a new tongue of lava does not pass through the area first, adds the organization animalistic.


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With information from EFE

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