The world’s fastest graphics cards are NVIDIA again

For this reason, NVIDIA has not wanted to miss the opportunity and will fill the gaming market with four models for desktop and two more for laptops, protecting itself as it has never seen against its two rivals.

RTX 3090 TI


It is without a doubt the most powerful gaming graphics card in history and on the planet, the ultimate GPU. More cores, faster memory and higher overall performance as well as excessive power consumption, NVIDIA is going big, of course.

As expected it will be a GPU of 628 mm2 manufactured by Samsung a 8 nm and will have 28 billion transistors being the chip fully unlocked and the second largest GPU in size after Turing TU102.

What we will have in exchange are 84 SM with a total of 10,752 cores that will go at a frequency of 1,560 MHz with a Boost of 1,860 MHz. It will of course be a low GPU PCIe 4.0 x16 (no PCIe 5.0 as it was rumored) that will integrate to its credit a 384-bit bus that will link with 24 GB of GDDR6X at 1325 MHz or 21.2 Gbps effective to give an impressive bandwidth of 1,018 GB / s, that is to say 1 TB / s.

This bandwidth will have to feed the 336 TMUs, 112 ROPs, 336 Tensor Cores and 84 RT Cores that will be linked directly with the 6 MB of L2 that Integra. Regarding the overall performance, NVIDIA ensures a round figure: 40 TFLOPS, which would mean being around 10% above the current RTX 3090.


The most impressive thing without a doubt is that your consumption or TGP will go to nothing less than 450 watts, 100 more to take Ampere architecture to its limit. Therefore, you need the 12-pin connector developed by the company or if it ends up reaching the assemblers three 8-pin connectors. Its price will be $ 1,499 and that will come in this month of January, specifically the 27.

RTX 3080 12 GB

She will be in charge of standing up and looking over her shoulder at what Intel presents, since it is called to be the queen of the high-end, renewed that yes. There are also no surprises here, since with 70 SM we have a total of 8960 Shaders, where the biggest update is precisely in its GDDR6X memory, which now reaches 12 GB at 19 Gbps, so with its 384-bit bus we will have 912 GB / s representing the largest performance increase compared to its predecessor in this section (+ 20%).

Like its bigger sister, NVIDIA hasn’t revealed its MSRP price, although it looks set to arrive in the first quarter of this year.

RTX 3070 Ti 16GB

Regarding this NVIDIA GPU, it has been very brief, since despite the fact that it has the same chip and features as its original 8 GB version, the card is updated with twice the VRAM capacity and also goes to modules. 21 Gbps GDDR6X, which with its 256-bit bus will give us no less than 672 GB / s. This should boost your performance over a 5% about.

Unfortunately there are no official prices, but there is a release date, specifically the June 10th.

RTX 3050 8GB

There are also no surprises here compared to what was leaked at the time, since this RTX 3050 will be the company’s lowest-end GPU and will have at its heart a GA106-150 chip with 2560 Shaders, 20 RT Cores, 80 Tensor Cores and 8 GB of GDDR6 at 14 Gbps attached to a 128-bit bus.

Your TGP is encrypted at 130 watts and will cost $ 249 as MSRP, hitting the market on 27 of this month of January.

Most powerful for the gaming laptop market

RTX 3080 Ti Mobile and RTX 3070 Ti Mobile

If these presentations were not enough, NVIDIA has also shown the benefits of its two new gaming GPUs for laptops, covering the range with what Intel would have ready for the market and also leaving behind AMD and its new GPUs presented an hour before.

Obviously, these are two models for high-end notebooks, so the prices will be prohibitive for most mortals. What do we have on our hands with these GPUs?

RTX 3080 Ti Mobile

RTX 3080 Ti Mobile

We start from a completely new chip called GA103 which is still manufactured by Samsung at 8 nm that integrates nothing less than 58 SM with 7,424 Shaders at a base frequency of 1,125 MHz with a Boost that will reach 1,590 MHz.

GDDR6X will not be included here due to its high consumption, so we remain in the entire range of notebooks as before except for one caveat, the 16 GB of GDDR6 that it includes will have a speed of 16 Gbps, being the only GPU that will have this improvement.

RTX 3080 Ti Mobile

This will give us no less than 512 GB / s of bandwidth with a consumption of 175 watts, on par with the best GPU for gaming laptops ever. Of course there will be a Max-Q and Max-P version that will be chosen according to the manufacturer’s needs. It will be launched in this first quarter of 2021.

RTX 3070 Ti Mobile

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti Mobile

This GPU is a lower caliber update than its already presented sister. We went from 40 SM to 46 SM in this new model, which means that we will have 5,888 Shaders at 1,035 MHz in Base Clock with a Boost of 1,485 MHz.

The surprising thing is that the rest of the specifications remain intact, including consumption, which is surprising if we take into account the increase in performance in Shaders. It is true that it loses frequency in Boost compared to the RTX 3070, but those are still surprising 80-125 watts. By discarded that it will arrive with versions Max-Q and Max-P in this first quarter of the year.

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