The worst flaw in Internet history, Bitcoin in danger, this is the recap of the week

Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Cloudflare servers victims of a security breach in Log4j, the Bank of England is wary of cryptocurrencies, dangerous malware threatens your bank account, this is the recap of the week.

This week was loaded with recommendations and warnings on Phonandroid. While thousands of companies around the world are threatened by a serious security breach, a dangerous malware called TinyNuke is spreading rapidly in France via fake emails. Porn sites such as Pornhub, Tukif, Xhamster, Xvideos and Xnxx have received a notice to limit access to minors or their access will be blocked in two weeks and the Bank of England warns against cryptocurrencies and calls for more regulations. In recent days, we have also tested different headphones: the Apple AirPods 3 and OnePlus Buds Z2 will soon have no secrets for you.

The Log4Shell flaw ignites the internet

After spotting a serious security flaw in Log4j, computer security experts revealed that this zero day breach affects all companies because the Log4j logging utility is operated by millions of businesses around the world. The servers of companies like Apple, Amazon, Twitter or Cloudflare are in particular in danger and the CEO of the cybersecurity company Tenable, Amit Yoran, assures us that it is about “the greatest vulnerability, the most critical of the last decade”. The majority of companies are currently working on deploying patches to prevent hackers from exploiting this flaw as quickly as possible.

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Linky: he has been paying his neighbors’ bills for three years

After receiving particularly steep electricity bills, Johan decided to take a test to analyze his consumption. This young single man quickly understands that he is paying the bills of the neighboring family because their Linky meters have been reversed. Johan then contacted Enedis and Total Energies to solve the problem, but it has been three years and the two entities have still not found a solution.

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Credits: Enedis

Bank of England wary of Bitcoin

Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor for Financial Stability at the Bank of England (BoE) spoke about cryptocurrency and his concern about too few rules in place. Indeed, the BoE recalls that investors could lose all their money because “ Crypto is a technology that is used for a lot of different things in the financial system, but they are non-backed assets that have nothing behind them and their price can vary quite dramatically. “. The BoE would therefore like to see the regulatory and legal frameworks strengthened to better lead the digital assets sector.

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TinyNuke threatens your bank account

Proofpoint computer security researchers have spotted a dangerous malware called TinyNuke that is spreading in mailboxes in France. If you receive this fake email email, you will be prompted to click on a link to download an invoice, which is just a ZIP file containing the virus. Once on your computer, TinyNuke deploys, searches, and collects the data it needs from your drive or web browser. Hackers can then exploit your personal data, but also your bank details and therefore loot your bank account.

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The CSA puts pressure on porn sites

Pornhub, Tukif, XHamster, Xvideos and Xnxx will have to submit to the orders of the CSA if they do not want to see their access blocked by internet providers. Indeed, these porn sites which had refused to comply with the new restrictions on the age verification system now only have 15 days to comply and put in place reliable mechanisms to prevent minors from accessing. to their platform.

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Our tests of the week

AirPods 3 are alluring, especially for Apple users

The AirPods 3 bring their share of new features with improved audio quality, a reworked design, longer battery life and Space Audio compatibility. The protection against water and the new speakers are also a plus, and iPhone, iPad or MacBook users will certainly be won over by this new generation of Apple headphones. We regret that the compatibility with Android is so low and the absence of noise reduction, active or passive. AirPods 3 are available for 199 euros.

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The OnePlus Buds Z2 are not doing well

Even if the OnePlus Buds Z2 are easy to use and particularly comfortable to the ear, the audio part should have been much more neat. Indeed, we particularly regret the absence of ambient noise mode that we often find in the competition. The headphones are deprived of L and R mentions and there is no power in the box. However, there is excellent autonomy. The OnePlus Buds Z2 are available for 99 euros, which remains an attractive price for headphones with active noise reduction.

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