The Xbox mini fridge and other original gadgets for your setup

The Xbox Mini Fridge

It all started with a meme. The straight and monolithic lines of the Xbox Series X served so that a large part of the gaming community (possibly the most envious) gave it the name of refrigerator. But at Microsoft they have a lot of sense of humor, so they decided to bring the meme to life in the best way, and for this they have created a small refrigerator that copies the look of their own console.

The result is incredible, so much so that those who laughed at first now want one of these fridges to keep their favorite drink on hand while they play. We are therefore facing a very original accessory that you should take into account. Its price? 99 euros from October 19.

Modular lights

If there is something that characterizes a setup gamer, it is the lights. Already inside the PC case, and in the decoration of the room, a configuration of full color lights is usually a very interesting claim for many, so this solution of Nanoleaf is probably what you are looking for.

They are the most famous lights used in the most exclusive setups. They are not particularly inexpensive, but their expandability with new modules makes them a fantastic solution. In addition, its unmistakable design of triangular, square or hexagonal panels (depending on the model) allow you to design all kinds of drawings with which to decorate your wall.

Stand for the gamepad

Sonic controller support

For those who play from a game console, a stand for gamepad It can be something quite original and that will allow you to maintain order at the table. There are many models on the market, but the most striking are those with character designs that offer to hold the controller with their hands.

PlayStation Lamp

PlayStation Lamp

Another element that is often seen a lot in large configurations that circulate on the internet is the lamp with the characteristic PlayStation symbols. The triangle, circle, cross and square can be seen in this colorful lamp that will give a very interesting touch to your room. Ideal to place it in the background while you stream or to place it next to your monitor.

Acustic foam

Acoustic foam sound

In addition to being used as a decorative element, the acustic foam allows you to reduce the echo of the room by taking care of reducing the bouncing of the waves in all corners of the room. Strategically placed and combined with the design or color, you can configure a very attractive background for your wall to give the last visual touch that your room was missing. It is a fairly inexpensive element (there are models of all prices, yes), but with a pack of those that are available you can make a quite striking combination. Do not abuse them or you will load too much the aesthetics of your room.

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