The Xbox Series X mini fridge is back in stock, fast!

The Xbox Series X mini fridge is back in stock on the Micromania side. So alert for those who want to get their hands on the famous mini fridge bearing the image of the Microsoft console. It shouldn’t be in storage for long.

Like the Xbox Series X, the mini fridge designed in its image is very rare in stock. Geeks snapped up the mini fridge when it was launched last October. The product was out after a few minutes. And as often, it was mainly the work of the scalpers who dried up the stock at lightning speed. If you don’t have an Xbox Series X, if you want to treat yourself to the mini fridge, you’ll have to hurry while it’s still available from the Micromania brand.

the mini fridge is sold at its recommended price of €99.99. It should be noted that while it can be ordered online, it cannot be delivered to your home. Micromania offers it only in store delivery with an estimated start of withdrawal on May 5, 2022. This remains a rare opportunity to afford the household appliance product.

An exclusive Xbox Series S bundle + Series X mini fridge + wired headset

If you want to kill three birds with one stone, the Xbox Series X mini fridge comes bundled with the Xbox Series S and a wired stereo headset perfect for gaming. Everything is available at the price of €444.97 instead of €459.97. No need to go over the features of the Series S which offers all the features of its big sister with the exception of native 4K gaming. As for the Xbox Series X mini fridge, it can refresh up to 12 cans simultaneously.

Drinks can be arranged on two levels. The mini fridge also has a USB port on the front. This allows you, for example, to charge other devices such as a smartphone or an Xbox Series X controller.

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