The YIELDCAN5.0 project monitors and analyzes massive data to improve the canning sector

The project YIELDCAN5.0, led by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga), aims to improve the productive performance and quality of canned seafood and fish through the development of a new monitoring platform and massive data analysis through artificial intelligence.

YIELDCAN5.0 will be implemented by a consortium that includes two SMEs (Palace of the East and Royal Spanish Canning) and a great company (Jealsa Rianxeira) from the canned fish and shellfish sector; and two technological entities (ANFACOCECOPESCA and TripleAlpha Innovation), all of them members of the Cluster.

Having these three canning companies in the project makes it possible to address the two basic issues of the value chain in this sector: productivity and quality. In addition, it allows doing it from two different approaches: high production and manufacturing of gourmet products.

The canned fish and seafood sector, at the forefront of Industry 4.0

The canned fish and shellfish sector, like the food sector in general, is characterized by an enormous variability, both of its raw materials and its production processes. For this reason, it requires the development of agile solutions, tailored, adaptable to any size and type of company and that result in new process and cost efficiency tools.

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The YIELDCAN 5.0 project arises from the sector’s firm commitment to Industry 4.0 as a tool for competitiveness and improvement of all operations. Thus, the YIELDCAN 5.0 project will combine massive data analysis techniques and machine learning (ML) with IoT sensors to favor the agile collection of data for, after processing, translating it into dashboard customized that allow agile decision making for the optimization of established business KPIs.

Subsequently, these results will also be captured through a demonstration of Augmented/mixed reality for real-time access to process data. Thus, YIELDCAN5.0 was born to develop and validate a new key decision-making platform for any manufacturing environment and type of product in the canning industry, using the most cutting-edge technologies of industry 4.0 and allowing the sector to move towards maximum efficiency. of its processes, thanks to innovation as a driver of change.

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