The Ziro 2 Blue and Ziro 2 Silver electric scooters are updated for the urban environment

Although for years we have seen how electric scooters and other urban mobility devices were gaining prominence little by little, after the COVID-19 pandemic and the crazy increase in fuel prices, more and more users are buying these one-person transports as the new Ziro 2.

And it is that luckily, with greater interest and demand, greater investment by companies such as the Spanish brand Smartgyro, which has just presented the new improved version of one of its most characteristic urban electric scooters, with the arrival of the new Ziro 2 Blue and Ziro 2 Silver.

These two new electric scooters have been equipped with a double fork suspension on the front wheel and rear suspension, incorporation that will improve the ergonomics and comfort of the user throughout the journey by making the vibrations of uneven terrain or any bump that cross the road, are transmitted to a lesser extent towards the arms and back.

When it comes to aesthetics, both Ziro 2 Blue and Ziro 2 Silver opt for the same color combination present in the previous version, highlighting some base colors blue and silver or metallic gray, along with various details in neon yellow that will continue to give it that striking and different image for which the brand is committed. And it is that although it is undoubtedly about electric scooters aimed at a somewhat younger audience, they still maintain this versatile character that will allow us not to clash excessively in any environment.

Moving on to its specifications, we find a powerful direct drive Brushless motor that does not need chains or belts, which will allow the user to enjoy greater acceleration and very little maintenance as it is fail-safe, and powerful 4-LED spotlight on the front and lights on the base and its rear, on the brake.

Accompanied by a high autonomy thanks to its 8,800 mAh 36V high efficiency battery, which will allow us to travel up to 25 km on a single charge.

Also, both electric scooters are compatible for synchronization with the Smartgyro app, through which we can find out some interesting data such as the distance traveled on each journey and in total, know the percentage of the scooter load at any time, and even access some additional security functions such as remote device locking.

Dated low an availability for next December 6Currently, we can already find both models available through the brand’s official web store, under a shared price of 389 euros.

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