The Zodiac Killer has a name: the killer of the Zodiac movie has been identified!

Apparently, after more than half a century, the infamous has finally been identified killer of the Zodiac, the killer who inspired Zodiac, 1997 film with Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo.

A team of investigators dealing with so-called “cold cases” called The Case Breakers reported having discovered the true identity of the serial killer who operated in the late 60s and early 70s of the last century and who had never been caught, despite letters containing cipher codes that the criminal repeatedly sent to the San Francisco police challenging her to capture him (and which many have tried to decipher over the years).

The true identity of the Zodiac Killer

The killer is presumably a man by name Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018.

Fox News reports that The Case Breakers team has spent years investigating, uncovering photos and other major new forensic evidence in the Poste home.

One photo shows a scar on the killer’s forehead that would match that of one of the many identikits of the Zodiac Killer. Other clues include the deciphering of letters sent by Zodiac and confirming his identity as a killer, as explained Jen Bucholtz, a former army counterintelligence agent working on unsolved cases. In a note, the letters of Poste’s full name were removed to reveal an alternate message.

According to the same Bucholtz it was absolutely necessary to know Gary’s full name to decrypt the encrypted messages:

I just don’t think there was another way anyone could have figured it out.

encrypted message zodiac killer of the zodiac

The murder that The Case Breakers undoubtedly associates with Poste, and which would link the latter to all the others, is that of Cheri Jo Bates on October 31, 1966 in Riverside, California. This is a case that has often been linked to Zodiac even if it has never been confirmed.

Who are the Case Brakers?

The Case Breakers is a team of over 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists and military intelligence officers, who have tackled other unsolved mysteries such as the plane hijacking by DB Cooper and the disappearance of the former union leader. Jimmy Hoffa.

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