Theaters are digitized to better reach consumers

Leisure and culture are living one of the most difficult seasons in its history and even, after harsh restrictions, to this day, they continue to live true moments of uncertainty. After many script changes, the shows and plays have been launched again thanks to the digitization of the sector. In order not to jeopardize their business model, all theaters They are using the advantages of new technologies to offer new alternatives and thus encourage the user to continue consuming culture.

Ticket sales at the click of a button

First, we started to see it in the cinema and later, the theaters began to carry out a shift to digitization, a great unknown to them. Theaters have a large traditional component and for this reason, they were reluctant to join the online world. Now, theater ticket sales have exploded exponentially.

The user can buy a ticket to your favorite play just by having a mobile device in hand. And, in addition, you can read the synopsis, see the trailer of the work, information about the actors, similar works available, schedules and passes and even sign up to the waiting list to be the first to buy the new premiere of the work that been waiting for months.

Now, it will be impossible for you to forget the day because surely an alarm or notice on the mobile calendar will indicate the exact day and time when you can make your safe purchase. And you no longer need to ask a friend to print your ticket because a simple QR code you will receive on the phone too, it will do the rest. More comfortable, more sustainable, less chance of loss or stolen tickets and less time spent buying entertainment. The purpose is to make life easier for people and to make the shopping experience as simple, effective and satisfactory.

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The user wants us to offer him easy solutions. Buying and having your tickets on your mobile is something that does not cost you work and that allows you to make purchases effortlessly. Ticket sales on demand It will allow theaters to create a completely personalized ticket and a cross-sale in which all the useful information for the customer can be indicated, including discounts in nearby bars and restaurants or advertising campaigns of related brands at the click of a button.

What’s more, the “contactless” inputs will mean a great change in the ways of access to theaters. There are already white label SaaS models on the market based 100% on the cloud with Blockchain technology as a secure delivery method on the mobile, fully integrated and specialized in the online sale of tickets for shows, theaters, museums and events.

A clear example of this is due to the security protocols required by the Covid situation. With mobile ticket applications with blockchain technology Like TIXnGO, promoters, theaters and venues in general may send notifications to attendees before an event with information on the protocols to follow and ask them to accept these conditions so that their entry can be activated. But notifications can also be sent during and after the event with different purposes that the organizer decides, such as marketing promotions, cross-selling, security, … Notifications push they reach users’ mobile phones even with the app turned off.

It is important to apply the technology already available to the sale of tickets to guarantee maximum security and optimize the operations and logistics necessary for access to the venues. With this technology it is also intended to avoid fraud and that the tickets reach the secondary market, offering a solution that has advantages for both the organizers and the public. In addition, it also offers an important improvement in the experience for the end user, since they are given the opportunity to buy any type of ticket through personalized systems according to their tastes thanks to specialized software.

The protagonist of the year: streaming

Covid 19 has brought a change in leisure consumption by users. Although theaters carry out strict safety and hygiene protocols, many people are still afraid of accessing closed spaces and therefore have decided to change their leisure habits by consuming plays and concerts online. Streaming has arrived as one more format, which is also characterized by its ease.

Circumstances have forced this to be the case, however, attending a live concert by our favorite group or singer has nothing to do with organizing a party at home with the concert in streaming. They are two very different modalities that have been imposed now. People are still having a hard time attending certain massive events and in the short term, the viewer will consume leisure and culture in a digital way more assiduously.

In short, the future of theaters in a digitized world is based on listening to the public, in facilitating the purchase of tickets and in showing experiences that connect with the community. It is essential for theaters to know how to adapt and show a new vision thanks to technology. This will be beneficial to both the viewer and the theater.

Today, it is difficult to predict whether the pandemic will manage to close several theaters in Spain, but what is clear is that, currently, the future of the sector lies in digitization. A great option to continue consuming culture adapted to “the new normal”.

Jorge Colomar, General Manager of SecuTix Spain.

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