Theaters blame Disney + for low grossing Black Widow

The simultaneous release does not like the cinemas

Black Widow - Black Widow

Disney’s strategy to avoid the problems of the pandemic was fairly simple to understand. Priced at 21.99 euros per premiere, Disney + users could enjoy the premiere of their new films that would simultaneously hit theaters. Thus, those fans who still dare to visit the projection rooms, could do so comfortably from the sofa at home.

A priori it was a magnificent idea, since, although the Disney + premium pass had a higher price than a cinema ticket, the advantage is that the limit of spectators will only be set by the sofa at home, in addition to the fact that the user could see the film as many times as they want.

Well, this proposal seems to have led to a situation that has directly affected the owners of movie theaters, who say that bringing premieres to the digital world affects both parties. And all because of the same old problem: piracy.

Less income due to piracy

Black widow

The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), has released a statement in which, in addition to assessing the excellent work done in the production of Black Widow, they complain that the simultaneous launch has directly affected the collection at the box office, without However, the thing does not end there, since they also ensure that the streaming option has also been affected by the appearance of hacked versions to download on the internet.

By offering the film in digital format from day one, pirated copies appear instantly in the first hours of release, which is why NATO protests about it. According to them, the traditional way of releasing exclusively in cinemas would be beneficial for both parties, since supposedly Disney would be able to collect much more than with the current approach.

Does Disney + affect theaters?

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Whether or not they are right in the fact that with the exclusive premiere more money is earned, the truth is that at the moment the spectators value and appreciate that there are these types of proposals with which they avoid attending rooms full of public. We do not know if this practice will continue to be maintained in the future, but it is certainly the one that could best take care of the viewer at this time.

If we are governed by the interests of cinemas and the way to make the most money possible, effectively the exclusive premiere of theaters could generate more income, so that is precisely why we would not rule out the return to traditional premieres, although this would subtract value at the service of Disney +.

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