TheGrefg’s new setup… has a stand and a counter!

There is no doubt that TheGrefg is one of the most popular and at the same time controversial streamers on the current scene. Obviously, we are not going to talk to you about his adventures and misadventures, but about something that has really caught our attention and it is nothing other than the gaming setup that they have put together for him and that is that it is highly original and with very crazy ideas. Let us see, therefore, how setup of TheGrefg.

With the sponsorship of Red Bull, the popular streamer TheGrefg now you can enjoy a special setup fully prepared to liven up and enhance your live broadcasts for millions of fans around the world. Since not only has he been given a state-of-the-art PC, but also a series of elements that make TheGrefg’s setup something totally unique and worth seeing at least once.

This is the new TheGrefg gaming setup

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the room where TheGrefg is going to create its content is the huge screen that can be seen on the wall, which is made up of five frameless panels, placed vertically and one after the other. , to create a large screen or “video wall” behind the sofa where the content creator and their guests can sit, plus it moves easily across the floor as it is mounted on rails.

Other elements of the so-called time room include furniture to store the controllers, neon lights, a hit counter and even a confetti launching system for countdowns and a lighting system based on RGB lights. All this are elements for the show through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Of course, what matters to us is the PC that has been set up for you to be able to play and stream at the same time. To value it in its fair measure and let you know, in case you are interested in it, if it is worth having a computer like this.

The table where the PC and the monitors are located is designed so that there is not a single cable in sight, since their management is carried out internally within it and leaves a totally clean appearance. In addition, it can be moved along the same rail system that the sofa is used to bring it closer to it and be able to play from there.

TheGrefg’s PC, is it as good as they make it out to be?

But, the jewel in the crown is the PC that Nate Gentile designed for TheGrefg, which presides over the table and is the center of operations. Is it the best possible PC you can have right now? Well, starting with the processor we have a AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and it is that although it is true that when this computer was assembled it was the most powerful processor of the moment for PC, it has already been surpassed by the powerful i9-12900K from Intel. However, you don’t need that much power and with an i7-12700 and even a Ryzen 7 5800X3D or the version without V-Cache you will have more than enough to run any game today and save yourself a few hundred dollars.

RAM memory are 4 G.SKILL 16GB DDR4-3600 modules, which is one of the best RAM of its kind on the market, but today you are not going to need that much RAM. With 32 GB it would be enough for you and, therefore, with only one of the double module kits in your computer. However, we have to keep in mind that TheGrefg not only needs to play the games with maximum performance, but also stream them, hence he needs such amount of RAM and a top-of-the-range CPU.

And finally to highlight is the graphics card, and for this they have not broken their heads much, since we are talking about a NVIDIA RTX 3090. In any case, even within NVIDIA’s latest generation RTX, you can opt for much cheaper options to run any current game with all the ease in the world. And it is that from the RTX 3080 onwards they all have plenty of power to spare.

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