There are 2 books of The House of the Dragon and GoT that you probably did not know

The universe of Song of ice and fire It is one of the largest and most extensive we have seen in recent decades. This world created by George RR Martin rivals in level of detail George Lucas’s Star Wars, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, or even JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth folklore. As much as we learn about the events that take place in Westeros, it seems that we are left wanting more. But what can we do if we have already read the more than 4,000 pages that make up the saga of Song of ice and fire? We are in luck, because George RR Martin has more for us.

The World of Ice and Fire

The World of Ice and Fire is the result of a project between the writer of our favorite fantastic saga and the founders of his fansite Martin, Elio M. García and Linda Antonsson have created a book that encompasses the complete story of the seven kingdoms.

In addition to being beautiful illustratedthis 337-page book recounts the chronicles of the most illustrious characters of this entire universe, in addition to reviewing the different historical stages of these lands: the Age of Dawn, the Age of Heroes, Aegon’s conquest, and all the events that precede the events of Game of Thrones. If you were left wanting to know more about the history of Poniente, do not hesitate to get it.

The Lands of Ice and Fire

maps got.jpg

Do you get lost every time they talk about one place or another in Game of Thrones either The House of the Dragon? Do you confuse Braavos with Pentos? Don’t worry, it usually happens. No matter how clear one is detailing landscapes, sometimes you need to have a map in front of you to understand the geopolitical strategies of this universe.

With the approval of George RR Martin, the illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts published a collection of 12 maps of the different kingdoms that appear in Game of Thrones. These artworks maps detail with meticulous accuracy where the cities Y castles which are named throughout the series and books.

The maps in format poster, have dimensions of 22.86 x 3.89 x 30.48 cm. They are ideal for frame or gift to a friend who is fond of a particular kingdom—such as the North. Since it is an American publication, the maps are detailed in English, but this is not an impediment to enjoying them as well.

The twelve maps that appear are: the Known World (The Known World); West (TheWest); Central Essos (Central Essos); East (East); West (Westeros); Beyond the Wall (beyond the wall); The Free Cities (The Free Cities); Slave Bay (Slaver’s Bay); the Dothraki Sea (The Dothraki Sea), King’s Landing (King’s Landing); Braavos and, finally, a map that collects the trips of the main characters during the course of Song of ice and fire (Journeys).

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