There are also sales in the Humble Store and they are always more worth it

As we told you yesterday, the Steam summer sales have started and that doesn’t mean anything different than usual: lots of games at more or less succulent discounts with which to swell our library to, perhaps one day, sink our teeth into them.

Things as they are: in a couple of decades we have gone from paying for games at unsustainable prices for the pocket of the young addict, to having at our side much, much more than we can swallow, unless we dedicate ourselves exclusively to hit the button, something that is neither healthy nor available to everyone.

However, for whatever reason, whether it is governed by the wise pick-and-wait process, or the hoarding spurt, we continue to happily buy games, as well as taking advantage of every new sale or discount that comes along as if it were a one-time event. , when the truth is that the sales are constant throughout the year.

Not only that: although it is true that seasonal sales are wild, hardly a day goes by without there being games with sales or discounts. That is why the selection and wait option is usually better – having a careful “wish list”, go – than going crazy to see what we hunt. For the economic reason, but also for the vital one: faced with such a large offer, it is worth choosing what to spend our time on.

But what sheet am I releasing, just to say in the Humble Store they are also on sale and are always more worth it than those on Steam or almost any other site, especially if Steam is your reference platform. Why? For several reasons:

  • They are very similar sales, both for the level of discounts and for the games that are discounted, even though the Steam catalog is larger.
  • In addition, they are similar, often coincide in time, offering identical or almost identical discounts.
  • When they do not overlap, they are practically consecutive.
  • When you shop at the Humble Store, a small portion of what you spend goes to charity.

Aren’t you convinced by these advantages to put the Humble Store sale before the Steam sale? The two that come will do it, and it is that all the games that you buy in the Humble Store, read Humble Bundle, are at your disposal for download independently, without linking its execution to a specific software client. And if you don’t trust the store to close its doors one day and leave you without its games, you download and store them elsewhere.

It is true that at a time when games receive regular updates, staying with a specific version of them may sound bad, but, at least in theory, if platforms like Steam or the Epic Games Store close their doors tomorrow, everything the world would be left without their games, because they are tied to a service. No more no less. Although let’s see if they regulate this, because it’s not.

In Humble Bundle, however, not only you can access the downloads of all the games you have bought whenever you wants -although if they closed, you would be left without this possibility-, but you can download them to store them on your own, as I have indicated. You can stop by from time to time just in case they have updated any of the games in your collection and prou.

But it is that of all the games the games that you buy in Humble Bundle are offered to you, in addition to the download, a key to register it on Steam, so in practice it is almost the same to buy them on one site or another, with the exception of the Steam points you receive. If you care a lot about me, maybe you won’t care so much. Otherwise… better at the Humble Store!

What sales are you celebrating now in the Humble Store? The “DRM Freedom”, with discounts of up to 90% on lots of titles indie. This, in fact, is another of the attractions of buying in this store: many games are sold without DRM and, therefore, without the restrictions derived from the program.

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