There are new Funko, they are from Pokémon and you can already reserve them

Everybody’s talking about Pokémon Legends: Arceus these days. Game Freak’s new open world game has meant a change in the paradigm of Pokémon, a franchise that, until now, had followed a very conservative line in its video games. For accompany the release of this title, The Pokémon Company has reached a new agreement with Funko. The Pop Pokémon collection will be expanded with three more products.

These three new Pokémon Funkos are already in presale

Below we leave you the three new Funko that are added to the catalog and the reservation link for each of them.


funko pop pokemon sylveon

The sixth generation of Pokémon arrived at the end of 2013. For the first time since Gold Y Silver, a new type was introduced into the game. The fairy type pokemon were included to balance the game. Dragon, Dark, and Fighting Pokémon were depowered, and Steel and Poison were given more prominence.

It was also in that generation the last time we saw a ‘evelution’, that is, an evolution of Eevee. Sylveon in the referent of the fairy type. In a matter of years, the eighth evolution of Eevee has become one of the fandom favorites, so this Pop will sell out of store shelves for sure.

Sylveon’s Pop will also be essential for all those who have already started their Eevee Evolutions collection. His pre-evolution is still for sale, but the original trio of Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon stopped selling a long time ago, so you can only get them second hand. What is curious is that they have never been manufactured Umbreon and Espeon figuresWell, until the arrival of Sylveon, they were the two favorites. What we do not expect to see in the short term are the other two forgotten evolutions: Glaceon and Leafeon.


funko pokemon lucario

From the sixth generation pet, we move on to the fourth. The name of this Pokémon comes from a small play on words making an alternative transcription in Katakana, and would come to mean ‘oracle’. As always, these kinds of curiosities get lost in translation. Lucario is one of those humanoid pokemon that did not finish curdling at the time, but that, over time, Pokémon players have known how to value. When you see a Lucario in combat, you tremble, because you know that his spectrum of possibilities is very wide. Besides, his design is spectacular – and let’s not talk about Mega-Lucario anymore. His figure will hit stores very soon, coinciding with the remake of the fourth generation and the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


alakazam pokemon funko.

This new batch of Pokémon from Funko is completed with the fearsome Alakazam, the First generation psychic Pokémon par excellence —with Mewtwo’s permission, of course—. Although this Pokémon has been losing weight over the years, the Pokémon with the two spoons has withstood the generations quite well and the new ones meta game of Pokémon —probably because already in Red Y Blue, the good Alakazam was very broken. If you are a nnostalgic for the it was 8 bit pokemon, this Funko is for you.

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