There are people who are using their drone to fish

Amazon has been trying to distribute us using drones for years, but nothing. Meanwhile, others are using them for their day to day, such as, for example, those who are using drones to fish.

These devices allow the day to be much more productive and that nothing escapes you, as we can see in this video.

What are fishing drones used for?

Until they learn to plummet into the sea like birds, to emerge with something in their beaks, for now its use is less spectacular, but just as useful.

On the one hand, a drone allows you to explore the surface of the water without disturbing the fish and locating the best banks. In this way, we can go directly to them and not waste time testing in areas where they do not bite.

This is a common use of drones and, in fact, they are also used this way to control other populations of wild animals, but when it comes to fishing they have another important utility.

They allow the hook to be cast much further than we can do it by hand. No matter how trained and strong our wrist is, the drone is capable of carrying the thread and releasing it in the perfect place. One that you may have also been able to locate before with the drone camera.

It’s what there is when you can fly.

Converting a normal drone into a fishing drone with accessories

If your curiosity has piqued you, the truth is that drones specialized in fishing or underwater filming are beginning to be sold, such as the model Splash from SwellPRo illustrated in this article, waterproof and with 4K underwater recording.

However, you don’t need to go looking for something like that to get started. If you have a good drone, with a battery and enough range to go into the water without falling into it, you can turn it into a fishing drone thanks to certain accessories.

These are almost always related to the ability to load the drone with something and be able to remotely drop it wherever you want. In this case, we want him to carry the hook, no dynamite fishing.

For that, there are generic charging accessories like this one.

And then more specialized systems, like this remote fishing bait dispenser.

Of course, keep in mind your drone model and that it is compatible with the accessory.

Besides that, if you want your drone to be a good fishing companion, the camera is essential because you will be looking at a surface that is moving. The ideal is a good one in 4K, or you will not know which blurry pixel is a fish and which one is a canning jar that has been thrown by some unscrupulous.

If you dare to use a drone to fish, the truth is that it is very easy to learn with YouTube videos like this:

And its second part, where we see it in action.

So now you know, if the reel and the line are your thing, you can find a partner who is going to make your life much easier.

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