There is already a date and price for Switch 2… and one more surprise

Nintendo Switch 2, as we have told you on other occasions, is on track to hit stores in 2024 If we accept all the rumors and speculations that have been published in recent months and that fit perfectly with those sightings that, like UFOs, have been confirmed via insiders from companies and other developers. Now, can we believe the latest news that talks about a specific launch day?

If we look at the last few months, we will see that All kinds of rumors have been published about possible dates for the launch of Nintendo Switch 2: from March 2024 – as in the case of the first generation – to June and of course September. So what can we keep? Well look, if we look at the most recent, it will be that ninth month of the year that can serve as a reference to make plans in case you want to have a new Switch 2 in your hands.

Date and price, closed?

The most important thing about this leak is that A specific day and an approximate price are set what the new Nintendo machine will cost us. Thus, it will be September 24 – that is, in a year – when the new machine hits stores and we can get one. Keep in mind that it remains to be seen whether the Japanese decide to scale up the dates and first serve their territory, then the US and later Europe, as has been happening in practically all generations of their consoles – Wii for example.

Mario Red OLED Switch.

Luckily, with Switch something like this no longer happened and the launch was, as some call, world wideso it would be normal for arrive on the same day to all corners of the planet. Now, what do you think is the margin in which the company moves to set the price of its next-gen? Given what is rumored, Nintendo’s success has probably gone to Nintendo’s head because they are going to put a lot of pressure on us.

Two prices, do you know why?

The most innovative thing about the new Nintendo Switch 2 is that It will not arrive in stores with a single model but he will do it with two. And do you know why? Indeed, for the same reason that we have two types of PS5 and two types of Xbox Series: the possibility or not of being able to insert cartridges and, therefore, being able to buy physical games for the new hardware. This will allow us to access a somewhat cheaper model.

Nintendo Switch cartridges.Nintendo Switch 2 will be sold in two models, with and without cartridge slot, and depending on which one we want to buy, it will cost us 400 or 449 dollars. Surely the exchange rate in euros is practically the same, since it is customary to carry out a 1:1 conversion even if those of us on this side of the Atlantic always lose out. So you know, if you buy more in the eShop, on launch day you will have about 50 extra euros to spend on games compared to those who remain attached to the physical format of their games.

What do you think of this Nintendo strategy of putting its new console at the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X? Which one will you buy?

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