There is already a date for the end of the chip shortage and the price hike

Currently the semiconductor market is more nervous than the New York Stock Exchange after the crash of EvergrandeOnly here you live every day for more than a year. Supply and demand is getting closer with each passing day, the investments are multimillion-dollar, the countries are in a silent war that few of us talk about and now, when nobody expected it, there is a deadline for all this.

The semiconductor market on the rise and overflowing

Wafer Cost Chips

We are slowly reaching the end of the year and with this the first reports forecast quite impressive data, it must be said, since for example; IDC expects a year-on-year growth of 17.3%. To put it in context, last year with the crisis already started the sector grew a whopping 10.8%, which was already an impressive figure.

This year’s will break all the records held and to have, mainly because every company, industry and even country have their eyes and open hands on TSMC, Samsung and Intel. The reports assure that the takeoff of these figures is directly influenced by the markets for cars, laptops, servers, smartphones and gaming, the main players in need of multiple electronic components and chips.

For this reason, capacity utilization reaches 100% despite the fact that some new FABs have been opened and it is expected that this will continue to occur when those that are to come are inaugurated, which indicates that demand continues to be much higher than supply. .

Intel releases concrete forecast and sets deadline for end of shortages

DDR5 Micron ChipsMaurits Tichelman He is an important executive within Intel with more than 31 years in the company, that is, he is a senior within the sector and as such, he answered some very specific questions. The one that interests us the most is the most pertinent, since he was asked about how Intel is responding to all this scarcity problem. The answer is very concise:

Intel faces challenges in its supply chain. Mainly we are faced with a shortage of substrates. This means that our chips cannot be assembled, so now we have silicon on the shelves, which cannot be made into a complete product.

If you look at the huge demand in the consumer market, among other things, it has been quite a challenge since last year to keep the supply chain going. We have worked with all governments and we were on the priority list in most countries. This allowed us to deliver our products to our customers, but also to receive the necessary materials for our production. We hope to continue working in 2022 to find the balance with the supply of substrates for certain products. So even in 2022, the availability of certain products will not be the most optimal. In 2023 we will be on the right track and the shortage will be over.

White and bottled. In 2023, supply will match demand and it is foreseeable that prices will begin to fall earlier to stabilize in that year. At the moment, the closest rumors affirm that the enormous shortage will be alleviated by the end of the year and from the middle of next year the situation will begin to improve. In any case, there is already a date for the end of the chip shortage, you just have to resist and wait.

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