There is already a possible release date for the MacBook Air 2

The renewal of the MacBook Air had been rumored for months, however, it was at WWDC 2022, where Apple surprised everyone by presenting this new device that, of course, leaves no one indifferent. The Cupertino company did not give an exact launch date, but everything indicates that its arrival will be imminent.

After the presentation of the redesigned MacBook Air with M2 chip, Apple announced that there was no exact release date for this new computer, but throughout the month of July it would be when the first buyers could enjoy it. Well, according to the prestigious media outlet MacRumors, which has had access to a retailer’s source, the plans of the Cupertino company are to launch the MacBook Air M2 on Friday, July 15.

If Apple really wants that for those days the first buyers can enjoy it, it is supposed that reservations would have to open a week beforeie Friday July 8. If so, there will not be much time left for the Cupertino company to announce this news, since, after all, the powerful buyers of this device have to be vigilant in order to get hold of a unit.

In fact, that is another of the doubts that arise around this device, what is the actual number of units with which Apple starts to market this new computer. Be that as it may, in a few days we will clear up doubts and we will be able to know, officially, if that Friday, July 15, is really the date chosen by Apple to launch it on the market.

Is the new MacBook Air worth it?

Given the imminent opening of reservations for this device, surely there are many users who wonder if it is really worth acquiring this equipment. The two main attractions of this MacBook Air are, on the one hand, the new design, as it is the first MacBook Air that does not have an uneven base, that is, the entire device is the same thickness. And on the other hand, the inclusion of the M2 chipwhich is really the great attraction for most users.

new macbook air colors

Obviously, if the MacBook Air with M1 was already a device that was very worthwhile, the most normal thing is that with this M2 chip, the equipment is capable of performing even better and deliver better performance to all those who are lucky enough to enjoy it on a daily basis. However, this is on paper, because until early adopters receive it and can use it, we won’t really know how much improvement this model has over the previous one is worth it.

In addition, the price for which this MacBook Air M2 starts must also be taken into account, since the Cupertino company has considerably raised the prices of the entry-level range of laptops. The most basic model, which has an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, 8 GB unified memory and 256 GB SSD storage, with an M2 chip obviously, part of the 1519 euros, a price that at all corresponds to what was available until now, where the MacBook Air M1 could be purchased for just over 1,000 euros. However, as we said, before evaluating it, we must wait to see how it really responds to expectations.

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