There will be no 27-inch iMac

One of the most anticipated devices by all Mac users is the famous 27-inch iMac with Apple’s own chip. However, after the latest launch of the Cupertino company, rumors that Apple may discontinue this model have grown, and many analysts already suggest that we will not see it again, at least for now. Read on to learn the reasons for this decision.

This is how Apple replaces the 27-inch iMac

After the inclusion, in 2020, of the M1 chip in the Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, it was in 2021 when Apple brought its own processor to the iconic iMac range, launching the 24-inch iMac, with a completely renewed design after years of continuity. This was a device that did not leave anyone indifferent, but it did cause the expectation for the hypothetical 27-inch iMac with Apple chip to grow.

screen imac m1 2021

We are in March 2022 and Apple apart from having renewed, again, the MacBook Pro range, has just expanded the range of computers that have their own processor with the MacStudioWhat is it configurable with the M1 Max and M1 Ultra. Also, at the end of this event two things happened, one of them is the announcement that the Mac Pro will soon be renewedand another is that the Cupertino company removed from your Apple Store the possibility of acquiring the 27-inch iMacwith Intel chip.

This movement by Apple left many doubts, but it was the company itself that has stated to Ars Technica that this device has reached the end of its useful life, implying that there will not be a new model to replace it. It seems that Apple wants all that public that was looking forward to seeing this device, make the jump to Mac Studio accompanied by the Studio Display, which is the new 27-inch monitor that Apple has just launched on the market.

How is the range of Apple computers?

If this movement of Apple is confirmed, we see how the range of computers has changed slightly from a few years ago until now, seeing how some models have disappeared from the map to make way for others. In addition, it is a movement that the range of laptops has also suffered when Apple decided to put aside the MacBook and focus only on the MacBook Air and Pro. Below you have the current range of Apple computers.

  • MacBook Air
  • macbook pro
  • macmini
  • 24″ iMac
  • macmini
  • MacStudio
  • macpro

Studio Display + Mac Studio

In addition to these fantastic computers, the Cupertino company also has two different models of monitors, which are especially focused on users of the recent Mac Studio and the only Apple computer that still has an Intel chip today, the Mac Pro. These two monitors are the StudioDisplay and the Pro Display XDR.

Obviously, although it seems Apple may go down the path that we have discussed, we cannot rule out absolutely anything and we will have to be very aware of the movements that the Cupertino company is going to make in the coming months to confirm or not, the discontinuity of a model of iMac so acclaimed by users.

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