There will be no BlackBerry 5G smartphone with a keyboard

In the end, the worst forecasts have been confirmed. OnwardMobility, the company that announced that it was preparing a new BlackBerry 5G, has publicly said that it is ceasing its activity, and that therefore there will be no new terminal under that brandunless some other company wants to collect the witness and pay the corresponding fee to obtain the necessary license.

This confirmation is the end of a story that began recently, and which claimed that OnwardMobility had lost the license to launch a BlackBerry 5G smartphone, and that in theory it could have been due to a question of money (He would not have paid the necessary money to maintain said license, and therefore he would have lost it.

For the general consumer market, a terminal with the approach that the BlackBerry 5G had did not make much sense, but for the professional market This smartphone had generated much more interest, especially for the value that this model could have provided with the correct design and specifications, provided that the price was consistent, and that the keyboard had adequate quality.

With this news, and with everything we have recently seen about the BlackBerry software ecosystem, it is quite clear that the lake of the Canadian company is in the lastand that its disappearance from the smartphone sector in the broad sense, that is, including both hardware and software, is practically a reality.

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I can’t predict the future, so I don’t really know what will happen to the BlackBerry brand. I would like to think that some company will try again by obtaining the license, even if it is to spend “one last cartridge”, but seeing the limited success that other companies have had in the past, and the trend in the smartphone sector towards flexible terminals and all-screen designs, I think we are facing the definitive end of said brand, and that it is very unlikely that we will see a new BlackBerry smartphone.


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