There won’t be Fortnite for Mac for a long time

Apple has made the decision not to accept Epic games as a developer with the right to publish their applications on the App Store until all appeals from the lawsuit that the owner of “Fortnite” with Apple has been exhausted.

And those appeals to the judges’ sentence can last for years. So if you had any hope of playing again Fortnite on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can already sit in a chair to wait.

With Manzana do not play. And facing the giant apple can drag you to the last consequences. Those of Cupertino have made the decision not to allow “Fortnite” to be available again in the App Store until all available appeals against the sentence of the trial that Epic Games against Apple have been exhausted.

And since such legal appeals can take years, we may already be saying goodbye to the possibility of being able to play in our Macs, iPhones and iPads to Fortnite in at least a couple or three years. Almost nothing.

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim sweeney, has publicly commented that Apple has decided to exercise its right to exclude its company from the App Store. Apple’s lawyer, Mark Perry, informed Epic attorney Gary Bornstein of the decision “at the last minute” last Tuesday according to Sweeney.

Additionally, Perry’s letter to Epic Games stated that Apple would not consider further reinstatement requests until “the district court’s judgment is final and unappealable.” Sweeney believes the process could take up to five years.


It can be years before you see Fortnite again on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Epic Games has requested to return to the App Store

Apple’s decision came after Epic Games shipped a application to Cupertino to have his developer account reset. Apple said it would welcome Epic Games – and “Fortnite” – back to the App Store if it followed the same rules as other developers.

In the message from Apple to Epic Games, the Cupertino technology giant warns that the decision is based on the court ruling that states that Epic Games has breached its contract as a developer in the App Store and other “deceptive behavior.”

The court also notes that Epic Games has breached its contract by infiltrating a direct payment platform, violating Apple’s App Store regulations, with its “Fortnite”. That breach of contract is the reason Apple may withhold the ban on Epic’s developer account. The court also ordered Epic Games to return around the 30% of the money that you have billed directly without going through the App Store.

And as Epic Games, unhappy with the ruling, has presented a series of appeals, Apple is fully entitled to await the outcome of such appeals to re-admit Epic Games as Apple’s developer.

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