There’s nothing left! Get to know the new Windows 11 Insider builds

Fixes for build 22000.184, Windows 11 beta

The first of the updates that we are going to see is going to be the beta, which in a few weeks will be the definitive version of our operating system. This is the most advanced version of the operating system, so it is totally understandable that there are no errors or serious bugs, and that in the list of changes we only see corrections and not last minute news.

In this way, the two changes that have come to the new Microsoft operating system are:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Windows Hello steps to not be translated into Spanish in the initial setup wizard.
  • Fixed several minor translation bugs.

In addition, Microsoft has updated the list of known bugs and issues, bugs that must be fixed before the final release of the operating system. These errors are:

  • General:
    • A WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error on Surface devices.
    • Some Insider users don’t see the taskbar, and the start menu doesn’t work. If we are affected by this problem, Microsoft recommends that we uninstall the latest patch from Windows Update.
  • Beginning:
    • Sometimes it is impossible to use the search engine from the start menu.
    • The “System” and “Windows Terminal” options are not available when right-clicking on start.
  • Taskbar:
    • The taskbar sometimes flickers when changing the input language.
  • Seeker:
    • When clicking on the search button, the panel sometimes did not open.
    • The search panel appears black at times, and nothing can be seen.
  • Widgets:
    • The Widgets panel may appear empty to some users.
    • Widgets may be the wrong size at times.
  • Microsoft Store:
    • Microsoft continues to work on improving the search and relevance of the Microsoft Store.
  • Windows Sandbox:
    • It is not possible to change language within Windows Sandbox.
    • Problems with IME keyboards within this function.

All the news from build 22454

As we already know, Microsoft has not had time to include all the news that it would like in Windows 11, but has reserved a few tricks up its sleeve for future updates. In this way, the new build 22454 is a forward-thinking update, available only to Insider users who are targeted within the Dev channel of the operating system.

The changes and news that have come with this version are the following:

  • By right-clicking on the recycle bin, we can now see the new context menu.
  • Added an option that allows us to right click on a shared network drive in the explorer to pin it to the quick start.
  • Complete redesign of the Korean IME keyboard.

Windows 11 build 22454 Trash

In addition to these new features, which will come to Windows 11 in the future, Microsoft has corrected a large number of bugs, errors and problems detected by users and its own engineers. These problems are:

  • General:
    • Fixed a bug with Windows Defender Application Guard that caused it to constantly check for errors.
  • Beginning:
    • Windows Terminal appears again in the startup context menu.
    • Narrator now better announces the launch of the start menu.
  • Taskbar:
    • The desktop drop-down menu should be properly dismissed for Narrator users.
    • Fixed an issue with thumbnails in the preview that caused them to not display correctly.
    • Fixed a rounding error that caused the actual volume value not to be displayed.
    • The input indicator, quick settings, and notification center icon tooltip will no longer display behind drop-down menus when open.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the volume icon to appear as muted when it is not.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the taskbar to unexpectedly get stuck on top of some applications.
    • Taskbar icons should no longer flicker when hovering.
    • Fixed an issue that caused icons to animate unexpectedly on the taskbar.
    • Shift + Click on an icon to open a new instance works again.
    • Fixed various issues with taskbar icons.
  • Entry:
    • Fixed stuttering when opening touch keyboard.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the clipboard history to not appear.
    • Fixed various bugs on IME keyboards.
    • Explorer.exe should no longer crash when changing the focus of a window.
    • Launching voice typing should activate the microphone.
    • Fixed various bugs related to the touch keyboard.
  • Settings:
    • Fixed several errors generated when using IME characters.
    • Fixed some bugs that caused settings to appear blank at times.
    • Mouse pointers, within settings, are no longer invisible.
    • Fixed a bug when entering storage options that said it was managed by group policy when it wasn’t.
    • New links in “find my device” to get more information about privacy.
    • Improvements in the selection of hours in the concentration options.
    • Fixed crash when entering sound options.
    • Fixed an issue with the sound slider button within quick settings.
  • Login and Authentication:
    • Fixed a crash when the network icon would update on the lock screen
  • Windows:
    • Fixed an issue that caused some options in the title bar to not appear.
  • Others
    • Improved icon rendering when using certain applications in the search side menu.
    • Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the share window.
    • Performance improvements when switching to the details tab from the task manager.
    • When switching to dark mode, the whole interface should now look better.
    • If there are many exclusions in the antivirus, we will now see a progress bar while loading them.
    • Fixed text breaks when using accessibility options.
    • Fix the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC error that caused many colors to not display correctly.
    • Fixed a leak when using a presentation in the background that affected the performance of explorer.exe.
    • Mitigated an issue that caused Windows to check for errors while in standby mode.
    • Fixed speed issues with Wi-Fi when enabling Hyper-V and creating an external V-Switch.
    • When animations are off there should no longer be a fading effect in UWP apps.

Microsoft informs that some of the changes that we have seen in this new build could imminently reach the beta version, or directly to the final version that we will all receive on October 5.

In addition, the company has updated the list of known bugs and problems in this Insider branch of Windows 11. These problems are the same as we have seen in the previous point, in build 22000.184, so we are not going to repeat them.

How to install the new Insider versions

Users who are already using Windows 11 will receive these new versions just like any other, that is, via Windows Update. Depending on whether we are in the Dev channel, or in the Beta channel, we will receive the first or the second, with its changes, corrections and new errors.

In any case, if we are not already using Microsoft’s new operating system, we recommend that you wait three more weeks, until October 5th, to update directly to the final version and make sure we have the least possible problems.

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