These 10 amazing programs are less than 100 KB

Generally, and almost from the first minute we start up our computer for the first time, we fill it with applications that we consider useful. These types of movements are lengthened over time, while we uninstall those that we do not need. But here the space available in our rooms plays a fundamental role. disk drives. That is why we are going to talk about some interesting programs that take up very little space and you will surely love them.

And it is that to find certain titles that solve a certain task or help us in what we are looking for on the PC, it is not always necessary to use the great applications. There are programs, many of them free, which are perfectly capable of meeting our needs and modes of use. All this also without the need to occupy a large disk storage space, which will always be appreciated.

Precisely for all this, below we will talk about a series of titles that will possibly be of enormous use to you and that take up less than 100 KB. This allows us to install a large number of applications with these characteristics to cover a multitude of software sectors.

Applications of less than 100 KB that will be useful to you

The truth is that, if we focus on this type of software that we are commenting on, we can find a huge number of titles available. But then we want to show you some of the most interesting and useful that you can install on your computers from now on.

mintimer interfaceBackupUtility: This is a very simple backup program that saves all files of one type stored in one folder to another disk location. These backups can be intuitively customized.

CPU Speed ​​Adjuster: if we opt for this program, say that it allows us to slow down the PC. This allows us to run old programs and games at the speed we need in each case.

Clipomatic: here we have program to use as clipboard. It saves what we copied to the clipboard and allows us to retrieve it over time. It only has support for text content. This software can become an excellent alternative to the usual Windows Clipboard

Encopy: This tool is designed to rescue damaged drives. The software tries to rescue the data that we cannot recover in any other way.

Minute Timer: We may be interested in or need this timer to carry out a countdown on the system desktop. In addition, it has an alarm function, all with a very simple use.

Windows Pinner: now we will tell you that this utility allows us to fix windows that we have open in Windows, on the rest. With this we manage to always have in view those applications that we want to give priority to.

MyUninstaller: in this case we are talking about an alternative tool to the Windows uninstaller. It shows us the list of installed applications and allows us to delete them if we wish.

metapad: Perhaps many of you know the popular Notepad that comes with Windows. Here we find a powerful alternative for text editing with some very interesting additional functions.

CPUID: Through this program we obtain important information about the computer’s processors. In addition, it shows the speed of these, the size of the cache, its code name, its brand and more.

memtest: In the event that we have problems with the RAM memory installed on our PC, this software will help us detect these errors.

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