These 3 brands related to Xiaomi ended up flying alone

Chinese brands have their peculiar ways of doing business. They have a very collaborative model, and that means that, sometimes, we do not understand very well if a product is or is not from a specific brand. In this article we will talk about three brands that have relationship with Xiaomibut that, if we analyze deeply, they work independently to the Chinese giant.

Here are three brands that you may have always wondered whether or not they are from Xiaomi.


amazfit offer.jpg

For many, this brand of wearables stands for Xiaomi. Amazfit’s adventures began in 2016, when Huami —which is what the manufacturer behind this brand was called— launched its first smartwatch.

For the past few years, Amazfit has been Xiaomi’s watch brand. Huami has been in charge of materializing the different products related to the healthy life of the great Chinese brand. The great attraction of Amazfit is the price and performance of its products, so it is not surprising that the brand has reached all corners of the planet.

However, Huami has wanted to explore new horizons on his own. The company is now called ZeppHealth. Parallel to this, they launched a new line of standalone products called Zepp.


Roborock Q7 Max+ colors.jpg

Roborock is not a brand of Xiaomi. In fact, it never has been, although the brand has remained engraved in the collective imagination. The origin of this company dates back to 2014. Beijing Roborock Technology Co was born as a company that pursued the goal of manufacturing robot vacuum cleaners. A couple of years later, the new company has its first meeting with Xiaomi. The Chinese giant gives them financing. They, in return, made the Xiaomi Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for them.

At the end of 2017, they got independent financing and became known worldwide as Roborock, launching their own line of robot vacuum cleaners. Currently, Xiaomi is still a shareholder of Roborock. In fact, Roborock uses the My Home ecosystem.

In an interview during IFA 2019, one of the Roborock officials wanted to put an end to the debate about whether or not Roborock was owned by Xiaomi:

«Xiaomi is one of our investors. They have a percentage of the company’s shares. At the same time, we make robots for them. But we have our own brand: Roborock.»


Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30LE II Powered by Segway

The story of ninebot it’s a bit complex. This Chinese company has manufactured quite a few Xiaomi electric scooters, being a case quite similar to that of Roborock that we have seen in the previous block.

When Xiaomi wanted to enter the field of electric scooters, it invested money in Ninebot to achieve its goal. That is, he became a shareholder of this company. In the year 2015, Ninebot acquired Segway Inc.. The merger was renamed the Segway-Ninebot.

Currently, the brand is structured in a very curious way. The entry products are called KicksScooter Zing. The standard scooters are signed by Ninebot, while the most advanced ones are named after Segway. The same goes for motorcycles and other advanced personal mobility vehicles.

If you have ever wondered why Xiaomi Pro scooters and those of Segway look so much alike, it is for this reason. Basically, they are made by this Sino-American company. However, it is quite common for some people to think otherwise.

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