These 30 countries are no longer going to use gasoline cars. Mexico among them?

The conference of climate change of the United Nations Organization (UN) of this year, addressed the importance of elaborating forceful proposals against global warming, an advance of this was the commitment of more than 30 countries and manufacturers to finalize with the sale of the combustion vehicles.

During the COP26 more than 30 countries, some of the major vehicle manufacturers, regions and fleet ownersThey, like Uber, have pledged to make cars and trucks for sale zero emissions by 2040, 2035 in leading markets.

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The governments of emerging markets and developing economies pledged to work on the “proliferation and adoption of zero emission vehicles”, for which a call will be made to strengthen the “collaboration and supply of international support to facilitate a global, equitable and just transition ”.

The manufacturers indicated that they will work towards reaching 100 percent of sales of new zero-emission cars and trucks for the main markets in 2035. While fleet owners are committed to hiring vehicles with the same conditions.

Participating countries

The United Kingdom leads the COP26 proposal that is supported by countries such as Norway, Chile, Denmark, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, El Salvador, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Austria, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Ireland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Norway and Uruguay.

While between the emerging markets government and developing economies that support it are found Mexico, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Kenya and Paraguay.

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The companies Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and BYD joined the commitment to conclude with the sale of gasoline cars. Although Spain, France, Germany and the United States did not join in at the moment.

“We will work together to overcome strategic, political and technical barriers, accelerate the production of zero emission vehicles and increase economies of scale, to make the transition faster, at a lower cost and easier for everyone ”, they point out.


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