These 4 games are great, they’re free on Steam, and they work on your old PC

We are at the gates of the weekend and many are already looking for plans to have the best time possible, which is extended to the rest of the week. A more than valid solution for many users is to spend their free days in front of their computer playing games. Furthermore, if we are not in a position to spend money on all of this, in Steam we can enjoy some very interesting free games.

As most of you may already know first hand, when we talk about Steam we refer to the largest and most used PC game store. Here we find a huge number of titles available for download and installation. It is worth knowing that we are going to find both paid and free. Therefore, if this weekend, for example, you don’t know what to do or why play on pcwe are going to show you some titles that you will surely love.

In addition, to all this, we must add that the video games that we will talk about and that are available on Steam, will be perfectly valid for your PC, even if it is something old. This way we can enjoy without spending a single euro and without the need to have the latest generation equipment. Specifically, we are going to talk about four video games which is worth trying. Of course, it will be mandatory that you have an account in the Steam store, although the creation of this is also free.

dota2 battle

destiny 2

To begin with, we are going to talk about a game that is gradually gaining popularity and it is a first-person shooter title. It was created by the popular Bungie and we can create our own group of friends to enjoy it. In short, it is an action game in which we move through a single dynamic world, alone or with friends. The sequel takes us to the fall of the last city before the invading forces led by Primus Ghaul.


On the other hand, we find another entertaining platform game that we can enjoy both locally and online. It allows you to play with up to 8 players simultaneously and we can opt for casual combat, group games or inviting others to private rooms. In addition, it is worth knowing that it is a multiplatform game used by millions of users on consoles, PCs or mobile devices.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

For most of you maybe this game needs no introduction as it is based on the well known Star Wars movie series. In this case we find a title MMORPG in which we have the possibility of playing as Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters or other types of characters more than known here. Undoubtedly, all this will allow us to spend hours of entertainment and also without too high hardware requirements.


This is one of the free titles that we find in this Play store, More popular. It is played by millions around the world and go into battle with some of the more than one hundred heroes available. We find ourselves with a battlefield that offers us infinite possibilities to achieve victory. each of the heroes commented has its own skills, roles and items.

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