These 4 websites allow you to generate bedtime stories for children in seconds

The solution to this problem is to search the internet for bedtime stories or visit a nearby library to expand your repertoire. But, if we want to be original and tell a completely different story every night, this is not the solution. The solution is to use websites that allow us to randomly generate stories based on the elements that we want to intervene in the story and using artificial intelligence.


One of the best options for creating stories for children is ChatGPT, a platform capable of generating random texts in Spanish based on the text that we enter using artificial intelligence. In this way, we can create a completely different story every day with the theme that we like the most. In order to use ChatGPT it is necessary to register on their website using our phone number.

ChatGPT - Create stories for children

Next, we write a brief summary of one or two lines so that this platform generates a story for the little ones in the house. The more information we put in the description, the longer the story will be.

Material Generator

Masterpiece Generator is a web page that allows us to create stories by establishing the character’s name, a quality that makes it stand out, what kind of animal it is, where the story takes place, the name and animal of its best friends, what kind of clothes it wears , what names of vegetables or fruits we want to be mentioned in the story among others.

Plot Generator

In order not to have to think about all those details, each one of the text boxes where we have to enter them, includes the Suggest button, a button that will suggest different words as we click until we find the one we like the most. Once we have configured the story based on what we are looking for, click on write me a fairy tale to show the story composed of more than 1,000 words. Once the story is shown, we just have to use the Google translator to translate it into Spanish.

Page Master Bedtime Story Generator

Another interesting option, also in English, to generate stories using artificial intelligence for the little ones at home, but in a much simpler way is Page Master Bedtime Story Generator. It is a web page in which we must specify the author of the story, the title and a brief summary of what we want him to tell us.

Children's story generator

Once we have entered these data, we enter the email address in which we want to receive the story and click on the button Generate Bedtime Story. When we receive them, as in the previous case, we just have to use Google Translate to translate it into Spanish. The story that it generates is made up of between 300 and 400 words and is available in our email account seconds after sending the request.

Servicescape Writing Prompt Generator

Unlike the first two options, Servicescape puts at our disposal more than 1,200 short stories Sorted by categories among which we find comedy stories, children’s stories, fantasy stories, heroic characters, historical stories, millionaire stories, contemporary stories, among others. This website does not use artificial intelligence to generate the stories, since these are already available on the platform and we just have to select the category we are looking for and click on submission to display, in English, a random story corresponding to the category we have selected.

Children's stories generator

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