These 5 applications have to be on your Mac yes or yes

One of the reasons why Apple users are so in love with their products is due not only to the device itself, which is obviously an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality, but also because of the number and variety of apps that are available. in the App Store. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about 5 apps that will be great for you if you have an Apple computer.

The 5 ideal apps for your Apple computer

As we said, no one can deny that Apple products are very well built, that the quality of their materials is surely the best that can exist and that, in addition, in most cases their aesthetics are unbeatable. However, one of the main reasons why Apple products are so praised is because of all that you can do with them, and much of the blame for this lies with the applications that you find within the App Store. Here we talk about 5 that we consider essential.

  • Unsplash Wallpapers. Unsplash is known for being a source of high-quality images, so much so that many users use it to get their different wallpapers from there. However, it is not only for that, but also to be able to use your images without copyright. However, these are not really the reason why we want to recommend it, since it has a variety, which is Unsplash Wallpapers that allows you to automatically change the wallpaper of your Mac with the frequency you choose, either daily , weekly or monthly, as well as manually, of course. So the appearance of your Mac will be renewed according to your preferences.
Unsplash Wallpapers

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

  • iA Writer. The use of Apple computers is usually for work, and one of the most common jobs is to write, be it articles for a website or newspaper, to produce a report or, why not, also for a book. Well, one of the most specialized apps recommended by professionals in the sector is iA Writer. It has a minimalist interface that will help you focus solely and exclusively on what you’re writing, as well as being able to customize the experience thanks to the large number of configuration options it has.
iA Writer
iA Writer

  • PhotoScapeX. Many users have the need to work with images, either to edit them or to perform any other task related to them, well, a free app that will be very helpful for this is just this one, PhotoScape X.
PhotoScape X - Photo Editor
PhotoScape X - Photo Editor

  • Spark. Mail managers are always one of the decisions that users have to make when they have a device of this type, and it is that in the end it is super important to find the one that works best for you, not only because of the functions it offers, but also because of how intuitive it is. Spark is one of the best options you can find in these two senses, since it has all the functions that a user may need to manage their email, as well as being really easy to use.
Spark Email App by Readdle
Spark Email App by Readdle

MacBook Air M2

  • Mosaic. If you use your Apple computer for work, surely on many occasions you have had the need to use split and divided screens, that is, work with two windows at the same time. Well, with Mosaic, forget about having to do this division of the screen manually, since it will allow you to choose the one that suits you best and that you like the most for each moment, since it is super intuitive.

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