These Amazon Cookbooks Are Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

The recipe books They are already widely seen (although Arguiñano continues to launch and sell a new volume of recipes every Christmas with great success). And it is that once you have tried and know how to cook Spanish, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican and even Japanese food, it is normal for the world to be too small for you. If you want to experience a little more daring gastronomyThere is a genre of cookbooks that is unknown to many. Not a few authors have studied their cinematic universes favorites and have created cookbooks to infiltrate the big screen. If your mouth was watering watching that old lady making fried eggs in Howl’s Moving Castle, stay in this post, because we are going to have a great time.

The best cookbooks based on works of fiction

These are some of the best books you can buy right now with recipes inspired by movies and sagas.

Recipes from Tolkien’s World

Not only on lembas bread does one live in Middle-earth. The tolkien stories they are full of moments in which the characters sit at the table. This book intends that you can discover the gastronomy that the author described through his characters and stories.

The Godfather: The Corleone Family Cookbook

the godfather recipe book

In this book you can find up to sixty-five recipes inspired by the Godfather trilogy. It could be considered an Italian-American fusion cookbook, but illustrated with photographs from the movies and with recipes for the most appetizing dishes we saw throughout the three films, such as Veal Marsala or Cannoli.

Hogwarts Kitchen: The Official Harry Potter Recipe Book

harry potter recipe book.

This other book is not focused on us doing the big feasts that take place in the main hall at Hogwarts. Rather, it is a cookbook. aimed at children, for the little ones to make their first dishes, but inspired by the characters of the magic school.

Recipes from the Studio Ghibli movies

studio ghibli book recipes

Food is the strong point of the studio ghibli movies. Not only because in the plans you can see food and it looks good, but because in Miyazaki’s works there is a lot of emphasis on the act of cooking. Even the simplest detail of a recipe is drawn with spectacular precision and with an animation that Disney would like. If you want to recreate the appetizing recipes of Spirited Away or My neighbor totoro Among other films, this book collects more than 20 recipes from the Studio Ghibli universe.

Star Wars A la carte: 40 Recipes from a Galaxy Far Far Away

star wars recipes

On this occasion, Thibaud Villanova has been able to create 40 recipes inspired by the different planets we’ve seen through all the Star Wars movies. The photographs that accompany the recipes are exquisite and the planning of the book, whose cookbook is divided by planets (with its own indigenous gastronomy) is simply impressive.

If you already have it and would like to have another book based on recipes from the universe of Star Wars, in a few days it will come out Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, a cookbook in the same style written by authors Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Marc Sumerak. Of course, the latter at the moment does not seem to have a translation into Spanish.

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