These Apple accessories already have Black Friday deals

These days we are already fully immersed in the Black Friday 2021. And it is that, although technically it is this Friday, the offers have already begun in some products and stores. This is the case of Amazon, who are already beginning to offer a multitude of products with discounted prices. Although what interests us the most is to look at Apple products and although there are still no offers for iPhone and the like, we do find other interesting accessories.

Of course, so that you do not miss anything, we recommend you pay attention to our showcase of Apple and related offers, which we are updating at all times to bring you the best offers with which to save these days. You can enter and save it in favorites through the following link. There you can find both these types of products that we will discuss below, such as chargers, home automation accessories and other related.

The Apple Pencil have interesting discounts

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to get the most out of an iPad is with an Apple Pencil. Well, currently on Amazon we can find discounts both in the 1st and 2nd generation models, being some more than interesting discounts with respect to their original prices. And it is that the first class has a 20 euro discount, while the most recent has neither more nor less than 36 euros discount.

The latest Magic Keyboard also drops in price

The keyboard of the brand new iMac 2021 is available on Amazon and compatible with all Macs and even other devices like iPad. We would have loved if it was the model with Touch ID that was lowered, but considering that the normal and that are roughly identical, it is not bad to find this offer. The keyboard meets 32 euros discount these days.

Beats headphones thrown out of price

If you are thinking of renewing your headphones, Beats are always an option to consider. Starting with the last launched on the market a few months ago like the Beats Studio Buds. These great in-ear headphones offer good noise cancellation and have 30 euros discount on Amazon for Black Friday. Although they are not the only ones, since the 150 euros discount of the Beats Solo Pro with noise cancellation is also interesting. And without leaving aside the Beats Studio3 Wireless, the most economical version with 180 euros discount.

One More Thing: an Apple Watch

If you want to get a Apple Watch Series 6 LTE, that is, that allows you to connect through WiFi networks or mobile data without depending on the iPhone, you should know that there is currently a model with 120 euros discount. It’s still a high price, yes, but it has steel case and its real price goes up a lot. Therefore, it is a good option in the end with which to save a few (quite a few) euros on the purchase.

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