These Apple accessories, cheaper than ever

Apple is a company that increasingly has a larger range of products within its stores, and it is that not only must take into account the star teams, but also the large number of accessories that it produces to further enhance its devices. Well, MediaMarkt is celebrating Apple Days, and it has some really interesting discounts on these products.

Apple keyboards, at a discount

One of Apple’s best-selling products to complement the great power of the iPad are its keyboards, which, of course, offer a great user experience. On one side is the Smart Keyboard, which has been on the market the longest, is also available for two different iPad models, those with the old design, i.e. iPad Air 3rd generation and iPad 7th, 8th and 9th generation, and those with they have the current design, that is, all screen with square frames, as are the 2nd generation 11-inch iPad Pro. The first is priced at 179 euros, which means a reduction of 20 euros, while the second costs 209 euros, that is, a reduction of 10 euros.

If we talk about keyboards, we must also mention the king in this sense, the Magic Keyboard, which this time has a great discount on the model for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Its price is 399 euros, which means a discount of 30 euros, which of course is really good if you intend to buy it. The differences between these two keyboards, the Smart Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard, are quite evident and can be appreciated just by looking at the design of both, but above all there is an element that makes the difference, and it is the trackpad that the Magic Keyboard has and that allows you to use the iPad “as if it were a Mac”.

iPad Air + magic

Just an Apple product that can help you not miss the trackpad if you have an iPad and a keyboard is the magic mouse, that is, the Apple mouse. It is fully compatible with both the iPad and the Mac, and is characterized by that touch surface that allows you to carry out gestures as if it were a trackpad. Its price is 75 euros, which means a discount of 10 euros compared to the original price.

magic mouse 2

Another of the accessories, and also in this case it is one of the cheapest Apple products that you can find are the AirTag, and it is that MediaMarkt offers the pack of 4 units for 105 euros, that is, 25 euros cheaper than what it would cost if you bought it at Apple. But be careful, this does not end here, because if you want to acquire the Apple official MagSafe charger In MediaMarkt it also has an interesting discount, 39 euros is what it would cost you, that is, a reduction of 10 euros compared to its original price.

AirTag and backpack

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