These Apple Watch are now on sale on Amazon!

If you want to renew your Apple Watch, today we bring you a selection of offers that Apple itself has launched. And it is that all the products that you are going to see are sold in the official apple store, on the Amazon website. So if you want to know more about the models that are on sale, and how much you will savewe explain it to you in this post!

Several models of the Apple Watch are discounted on Amazon

apple watch s8 black

Whether you’re interested in an Apple Watch Series 8 or an Apple Watch Ultra, here are four configurations to choose from, which Right now they have a discount of 50 euros with respect to the official price that we would be paying in the Apple Store. An interesting discount, and more if we take into account that on the official website, these products do not usually change their price during the year (unless they are very specific moments).

The first configuration that we bring you is the Apple Watch Series 8, GPS model, 45-mm aluminum case, Midnight color and Midnight color Sport Band. The 45mm strap is suitable for wrists from 140 to 220mm. In this case, both the watch and the strap are waterproof, so we can get the watch wet without worrying about it being damaged. The official price marked by Apple, for this specific model, is 539 euros. However, thanks to the discount of 50 euros on Amazon, it stays at 489 euros.

And if you are looking for a smaller size, both the case and the strap, it is also available the 41 mm model. In this case, the size is designed for wrists from 130 to 200 millimeters. The official price is marked at 499 euros. But with the discount, it remains so only 449 euro.

The Apple Watch Series 8 in a more luxurious edition

If you want an Apple Watch Series 8, but as a fashion accessory, and not so focused on sports, here is a very interesting configuration (and also at a lower price). Its about GPS + Cellular model, 45 millimeters, with a gold-colored stainless steel case, and with the Milanese Loop bracelet, also in gold.

It is a more sophisticated combination, but it also has a discount of 50 euros on Amazon. And, the official price is 949 euros. However, it is now available for only 899 euros.

If what you want is action

apple watch ultra sale

Looking for the biggest, toughest Apple Watch of all? The Apple Watch Ultra is your purchase option. And if it’s on sale on Amazon, much better! In this case the configuration is the following:

  • GPS + Cellular model
  • 49 mm case
  • Titanium case
  • Midnight Ocean Strap

The price that Apple asks us on its official website? 999 euro. However, Thanks to the €50 discount on Amazon, we will be paying €949. And we are talking about the most resistant watch (both to water, shock, height and extreme temperatures), and with more connectivity from the company. So if you want to get hold of him, now is the time!

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