These apps are in Microsoft 365 and you may not know it

Writing texts in Word, making financial calculations with Excel, or designing presentations with PowerPoint is something of the most common. However, on our account of Microsoft 365 we may discover that we also have other applications available. These can vary depending on the plan we have contracted, and are generally used less, so they can even become complete strangers.

Calendar, To Do or Teams in our personal account

If we have a personal Microsoft 365 account, just access it through this link. Once we have entered our credentials we can see all the applications that we have available in our contracted plan. For example, we can access the application from Calendar Through the Outlook web application, where it will show us quick information about the events that we have assigned, either by days, week and month.

Another application that we can find in our Office account is To Do, a program for organize tasks. It is ideal for both home use and to make a shopping list or to write down important things that we need to remember. It is also useful within the workplace, to note the date of the meeting or the delivery of some work. We can organize all tasks by types and group them into groups of lists.

There is also an application like Teams, the communication and collaboration platform from Microsoft. This application allows us to create workspaces through chats organized by channels. It also supports video call meetings with up to 300 people simultaneously.

SharePoint, Publisher, or Visio in the business version

In the event that we have an account for companies, we will also have other series of exclusive applications, which not because they are little known and less used, we may be interested in knowing about their existence for occasional use. One of them is Publisher, the layout app from Microsoft, with which you can create highly polished text, image, border, and calendar layouts without much difficulty.

Another application that we may not know is SharePoint, a business collaboration platform to create websites where share documents and information. It can be used as a safe place to access, store and share information from any device, among employees of the same organization.

Publisher interface

The latest to join the Microsoft 365 suite has been Visio, one of the most complete tools for create diagrams on the computer. Although, it should be noted that it is not the full version that is sold independently, but a lighter and lighter version that allows us to have access to its most basic and essential functions.

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