These are (for now) the boards for the Intel Alder Lake CPUs

We are less than two weeks away and the vast majority of manufacturers that are going to bet on Intel and its Alder Lake CPUs have shown their models or have seen how they were filtered. There will be more models than those seen in this article, but these will all be available on departure, while the rest (up to 100) will be incorporated as the months go by. With what motherboards Z690 for Alder Lake you stay?

What seemed to be a desperate launch by Intel is going to turn into the opposite, a well-aimed blow to AMD competing head-to-head in performance and number of cores, at least in the mainstream range. Always insider manufacturers have seen this and gone out of their way to equip the Alder Lake series with a number of motherboards the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

Z690 motherboard models for Alder Lake

The main reason why there are more than 100 motherboard models at the end of the Z690 chipset’s life is simple: manufacturers have to offer versions with DDR4 and DDR5, as they are self-exclusive and you can only choose one.

Therefore, as we saw last week, we are facing something unprecedented due to the time and hardware conjecture, so from the outset we will have more models available than ever. That said, we are going to know all those that have been leaked:


It is one of the ones that has placed the most chips in its bet and we will really have in the premiere of the architecture from low-end motherboards and with DDR4, to the new AORUS Xtreme and AORUS Master in Z690. The line of boards will be extended with some series already known to all such as the PRO, Ultra, Elite, Gaming and UD boards.

The leaked has revealed to us what the following models will be like:

  • Z690 AORUS Xtreme
  • Z690 AORUS Master
  • Z690 AORUS PRO
  • Z690 AORUS Ultra
  • Z690 AERO G
  • Z690 GAMING X
  • Z690 GAMING X DDR4
  • Z690 UD AX
  • Z690 UD AX DDR4
  • Z690 UD
  • Z690 UD DDR4

Highlight the Z690 AERO D with a more sober and straight design, as more industrial and also in black and white.


The offer is very similar to that of GIGABYTE in terms of number of motherboards, but they carry the presentation as such with more secrecy. Now the spectacular Z690 MAXIMUS GLACIAL Extreme has been revealed, which will surely go at a price well above 1000 euros.

  • Z690 MAXIMUS GLACIAL Extreme
  • Z690-G Gaming WiFi
  • Z690-E Gaming WiFi
  • Z690-F Gaming WiFi
  • Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4

As we can see, ASUS has taken a quality leap in the lower ranges to raise the level, we will see if the price also rises with it or remains to be competitive.


The manufacturer of the dragon is going to focus on several key aspects to try to catch sales in very specific segments, where for example in the low range what it will do is implement Wi-Fi in all its series models, while in the mid and mid range high will boost the phasing system to appeal to users who want to overclock their CPUs and don’t want to spend a lot of money on higher models:

  • Z690 Force WiFi
  • PRO Z690-A WiFi
  • MEG Z690 UNIFY-X
  • MEG Z690 UNIFY

What is really interesting is the leap in quality that all manufacturers have made. Mid- or low-end plates years ago were high-end and now they seem trivial to us. The bad, surely the price that has also increased, since the first rumors speak of no less than 200 euros for input range and 350-400 for the mid-range.

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