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The last Chromecast that Google launched on the market came with a new operating system called Google TV. Well, in reality it is an evolution of the well-known Android TV and it is towards the platform that most manufacturers that use the Google system for their televisions are migrating. Or at least that’s what they should be doing, as Mountain Viewers are focused on releasing new features for their newest system. Today we have known some of those that could soon reach the operating system of the search engine giant. Among them we have such cool features as a “Restricted Mode” for Google TV, Google TV Channels and a new “My List” feature for child profiles.

These new features have been discovered by decompiling the latest version of an app that Google uploaded to the Play Store. In this decompile you can see several lines of code hinting at possible future features. That is to say, we must bear in mind that Google may or may not ever release these functions. However, it has been detected that some of these functions are practically finished, which could mean an imminent arrival.

Restricted mode, children’s playlists and more news on Google TV

In version v1.0.4233 of the Google TV launcher app some of the new features have been discovered that could come to the Google TV home screen. One of the most important is called “Restricted Mode”. It is a functionality that will allow filtering the content on the home screen for adult user profiles.

When activated, this new functionality blocks autoplay of any “adult” programs. This option, however, seems to only work on free content, i.e. trailers, movies, and ad-supported shows. It is very similar to what we have already seen on YouTube. On the other hand, to unlock this setting, it will be necessary to use a PIN for greater security.

news that Google TV will receive soon greater control

A reference to “hidden movies and shows” has also been discovered, which could mean that users will be able to hide the content of the home screen. However, the discoverers of this feature are not sure that this reference is not related to an already existing feature that allows content to be hidden in the child’s profile. So this novelty we have to take it with tweezers.

Where it does seem that there will be changes is in the child profile. Review of the code shows that Google could be preparing the possibility that the child profile has its own control list. The watchlist is a basic function of Google TV that allows you to save content both from the TV’s own recommendations and from other devices, and link to that content within the applications.

the chains discovered clearly indicate the “Add to watchlist” function with direct reference to the child profile, but it’s still hard to know where this watchlist will appear on the home screen of child profiles. Watchlist features are not currently accessible in Google TV’s child profile mode, so this has been considered a novelty for future updates.

Finally, references to «Google TV Channels«, a function that appears with the code name «freeplay». According to the researchers, and based on a very limited context, it could be additional free streaming content beyond the Pluto TV integration that launched last year. In a recent interview, Google had already announced more free content on the platform, so it all adds up. However, we will have to wait for an official update to find out if these new features finally reach Google TV.

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