These are the 10 most expensive NFTs in history

The NFTs have given a lot to talk about throughout 2021 and it looks like they will not give up this new year. They started the year as a somewhat unknown technology, and in less than 365 days, there is no one left who does not know what they are. Do you want to know what are the non-fungible tokens that they have had million dollar sales till the date? These are the ten most expensive NFTs sold so far. Even if. Taking into account the trend, it is possible that within a very few weeks, we will have this ranking altered.

The 10 most expensive NFTs so far

This is the list of the ten most expensive NFTs at the time of this writing.

# 10 Ocean Front ($ 6M)

The six million Ocean front They were destined for a good cause. The artist, Mike winkelmann, also know as Beeple aims to end climate change. That’s exactly what his illustration is about, which was auctioned at the Nifty Gateway house. The money went to the Open Earth Foundation. Although, as we will see later, climate change is one of its objectives, because it is not the only NFT of its that we are going to see in this ranking.

# 9 Crossroads ($ 6.6M)

From the same artist and on the same platform it was sold Crossroads, although the 6.6 million dollars would be reached later in a resale to an anonymous user. Crossroads was designed so that the NFT will change based on who wins the 2020 U.S. presidential election. When Biden won, the image became the naked body of former President Trump, defeated and full of graffiti.

# 8 Art Blocks: Ringers # 109 ($ 6.93M)

Art Blocks: Ringers # 109

It is the NFT that has raised the most in the ART Blocks project, and the seller had bought it for just $ 230 about six months earlier. It is a piece created with the «regenerative art» technique, which combines artificial intelligence with sequences chosen by an artist.

# 7 Xcopy: ‘Right-click and Save As guy’ – $ 7.09M

Right-click and Save As guy

This NFT is an answer to the typical question that users who oppose NFTs often ask. «Why buy it if I can do right click and save as? TO xcopy it helped him to pocket more than seven million dollars.

# 6, # 5 and # 4: CryptoPunks # 7804, # 4156 and # 7523 (7.57-11.7M)


Although many of us continue to wonder what people see in CryptoPunks, these images continue to sell for millions of dollars. Cryptopunk # 7523 is Larva Labs’ highest grossing NFT to date. Its code name is “Covid Alien”. On the other hand, # 4156 refers to Bored ape, the other collectibles firm that CryptpPunks competes with. There are only 24 punks of this type. And finally, # 7804 sold for 7.57 million, and it’s a punk with hat, sunglasses and pipe.

# 3 Human One ($ 28.9M)

Near the end of the year, in November, Beeple managed to sell another Changing NFT. In this case, it is a 1: 1 scale 3D sculpture showing an astronaut. According to Beeple,you will update the design as you wish throughout your life.

# 2 The First 5000 Days ($ 69M)

The First 5000 Days

In second position we have Michael Winkelmann. Yes, Beeple again. Following the sale, it launched its own NFT market ( The play includes Beeple’s daily work for the past 13 years of their life.

# 1 The Merge (91.8M)

merge nft pak

This work is created by the artist Pak. Through the Nifty Gateway platform, was divided into 312,686 fragments which were purchased by approximately 29,000 collectors around the world. It’s up to the most expensive NFT ever sold.

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