These are the 10 profiles of ecommerce professionals most in demand in 2022

The electronic commerce It is increasingly present in the strategies of SMEs. E-commerce sales in Spain continue to grow and in the first quarter of 2021 they exceeded 12.4 billion euros, an increase of almost 2% compared to the same period in 2020, according to data from the CNMC.

Thanks to this, digital jobs have become increasingly specialized and have even been created new profiles to meet the demands produced by this rapid change. For all those who want to focus their professional profile on the new needs of the market, IEBS Business School, the digital school expert in online training, points out the jobs of the future of ecommerce:

1. Business analysts

The business analysts they are crucial for all businesses and, in the case of e-commerce, they are no exception. Ecommerce business analysts are in charge of tracking data and providing the right advice on how to increase sales.

2. PPC experts

Experts in PPC (pay per click) are an important component of a good ecommerce marketing strategy. PPC experts need to be knowledgeable about pay-per-click internet marketing campaigns, which often include keyword research, landing page design responsibility, ad performance analysis, and results reporting.

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3. Customer Service Representative

Customer satisfaction is what makes a business work. If customers have questions, complaints or problems, they always go to the customer service representative, so this need cannot be left uncovered. Those who are hired as customer service representatives are in constant communication with buyers. It is your responsibility to follow up with customers and make sure they are happy with their order and have had a good experience with the company.

4. Ecommerce Web Developers

Every online store has a website. Design, aesthetics and functionality of the site have a very important role in the way in which the customer lives his shopping experience. If the website is difficult to navigate, slow and visually unappealing, customers are likely to end up not buying from the web. For that reason, behind every successful eCommerce business is a web developer out of ten.

5. Order Manager

When selling certain products through e-commerce, e-commerce business owners will need someone who is responsible for receiving product orders as well as processing customer information such as shipping details and handling receipts. . They must process customer information such as your name, address, and contact number, which includes completing forms and documents.

6. Project Manager

Ecommerce project managers are in most companies, someone who leads a team and its activities, assigns roles, responsibilities and projects and measures progress. In certain businesses, they also interact with customers to make sure everyone is happy with the business. Since it is such an important role, most companies prefer their project managers to have previous work experience.

7. Marketing Specialist

Marketing professionals or CMOs are crucial to the success of any eCommerce business. Companies assign marketing specialists to develop and manage marketing strategies. multichannel marketing. In addition, it is a profile that must be constantly updated on trends to execute the best techniques. It is crucial that you have communication and analytical skills, knowledge in Google Analytics, Marketo, Buffer, Evernote and similar applications and platforms.

8. Virtual assistant

Company executives and CEOs need help with many tasks, and that’s what virtual assistants are here for. One of the most important skills you can have for this job is to be a great communicator and a very organized person to be successful in this job. Virtual assistants use many tools like Canva, Asana, Slack, and Calendly.

9. E-commerce Product Manager

Ecommerce product managers are typically asked to keep track of product optimization and development, create new pages and features, and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. One of the most important requirements to work as an ecommerce manager is to have knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP or Azure.

10. SEO Content Writer

SEO content writers are crucial for search engine optimization. Your job as SEO content writer will be producing optimized content, whether it’s product descriptions or blog posts you’re working for. These features range from creating new content from scratch or updating old content to drive traffic as well as keyword research.

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