These are the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022

Although there are many manufacturers that launch sound bars on the market, Samsung and LG undoubtedly capture a large part of this market thanks to their various proposals. Samsung has already shown us some of the features that its 2022 sound bars will include, as well as the prices of some models. Y today it’s LG’s turn. By 2022, the Korean manufacturer will offer five sound barswith Dolby Atmos technology as the main protagonist in the vast majority of models.

LG’s new range of soundbars for 2022 is headed by the model S95QR, a spectacular sound bar with no less than 9.1.5 channels. That is, it offers five ascending speakers and nine speakers in the front, in addition to the corresponding wireless subwoofer. In addition to this top-of-the-line model, LG has also unveiled the rest of its soundbar lineup for 2022, including the S65Q, S75Q, S80QY and S90QY.

Of course, these soundbars can be used with any television, but, like the Samsung models, some of its features are only available when used with an LG TV. Let’s take a look at what each of this year’s models has to offer.


the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022 S65Q

The LG S65Q It is this year’s entry model. Provides a configuration 3.1 channels and a total power of 420W. It’s compatible with PCM, Dolby Digital and DTSIn addition to using the system DTS Virtual:X to process surround sound.

On the other hand, the LG S65Q offers various sound modes and is compatible with AI Sound Pro, a technology that adjusts the frequency range and the extent of the sound field depending on the content. Furthermore, this model can be paired with select 2021 and 2022 LG TVs to harness the power of the audio processor TV and automatically optimize the sound quality.

For further compatibility with music playback, the S65Q incorporates the Meridian Audio Horizon technology, which can downmix audio from two channels to 3.1 channels or more (depending on the number of speakers available on the soundbar). This creates a more immersive music experience. The S65Q is also Hi-Res Audio compatible (up to 24bit/96Khz).

Finally, the S65Q 2 is equipped with a connection HDMI-ARC, an optical digital connection, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. In short, a simple sound bar that has what it takes to greatly improve the sound of the television.


the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022 S75Q

The new one LG S75Q it’s the first of five LG soundbars for 2022 to feature speakers for Dolby Atmos. More specifically, it offers a configuration of 3.1.2 channelswith a total power of 380W. By featuring tall speakers, the S75Q eliminates virtual surround sound management and is compatible with formats Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD HR/Master Audio and DTS:X.

In terms of connectivity, it offers the same connections as the S65Q, but its HDMI connector is compatible with eARC. In addition, it supports 4K HDR10 and Dolby Vision video pass-through. Interestingly, it is somewhat more compact than the basic model, with a length of almost 90 cm.


the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022 S80QY

Going up a step we find the LG S80QYwhich proposes a system with 3.1.3 channels Y 480W full power. This year LG has placed a height speaker in the central part of the bar, something that we had not seen until now. On the other hand, the S80QY is compatible with the SPQ8-S rear speaker kitso you can have real surround.

In addition to adding a third speaker for Atmos and increasing power, the S80QY incorporates the AI room calibration system. This will allow us to tailor the performance of the soundbar by analyzing the dimensions of the room. Another difference with respect to the cheaper models is the incorporation of WiFi connectivityBesides the compatibility with Spotify Connect and TIDAL.

It is also interesting to know that the HDMI port of the S80QY is VRR-compliant (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode). It also incorporates the IMAX Enhanced compatibility and additional features like Google Assistant, Alexa, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast integration.


the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022 S90QY

The S90QY It goes one step further in the range of LG sound bars for 2022, adding some features to those already mentioned in the S80QY model. The most interesting thing is that we go to a configuration of 5.1.3 channelswith a total power of 570W.

Naturally, it is also compatible with SPQ8-S rear speakers. Otherwise, it shares all the features of the previous model.


the 5 sound bars that LG will launch in 2022 S95QR

Finally we have the commented S95QRthe top model in the 2022 soundbar range. The main thing it adds is an expanded channel configuration, comes with rear wireless speakers and has a higher power output. Otherwise, all other features are the same as the S90QY.

It has a setting of 9.1.5 channels, with six channels of surround sound housed in two included rear speakers. The total power of the system is 810 watts.

Price of new LG soundbars for 2022

LG’s new soundbars are now available in the US, excluding the S95QR. So we already know the prices (in dollars) of most models:

  • The LG S65Q has been put up for sale at a price of $399
  • The LG S75Q has been put up for sale at a price of $599
  • The LG S80QY has been put up for sale at a price of $899
  • The LG S90QY has been put up for sale at a price of $1,199

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