These are the 7 free channels that will arrive on Pluto TV next February

Pluto TV does not stop expanding its catalog to become the best option to take into account when watching TV for free. Now, ViacomCBS’s leading free, no-registration streaming TV service has just announced that will add seven new free channels to its television grid.

We are talking about The Commissioner, En el punto de mira, Pluto TV Reality, Pluto TV K-Pop, Rakuten Viji, Pluto TV Documentales and Ice Pilots, a total of seven free channels that will be added to its more than complete grid that already exceeds 100 channels.

These are the new Pluto TV channels

Regarding the different free channels that land on Pluto TV throughout the month of February, we leave you with a summary of the theme of each one so that you can get an idea of ​​the available options.

  • The Commissioner: available from February 1 you can enjoy one of the most mythical Spanish series of the year 2000. In it you will follow the investigations of the National Police Corps in the district of San Fernando, knowing the relationships of the agents. It has actors of the stature of Tito Valverde, Juanjo Artero, Paula Echevarría, Silvia Abascal, Tristán Ulloa, Cristina Castaño or Mar Regueras, among others.
  • In the spotlight: Available as of February 1, the most popular investigative program in our country comes to Pluto TV through an exclusive channel where we can see the most relevant news reports: cryptocurrencies, the secret of the big pharmaceutical companies… Options they will not miss you.
  • Pluto TV Reality: Available from February 1st, we have a new channel for lovers of reality shows. In this case you will know the stories of different protagonists that will surprise you. For example, Jade Rush will tell you how a jade mining operation in a remote Canadian town harms its inhabitants.
  • Pluto TV K-Pop: Available from February 14, K-pop fans will be able to enjoy their most popular groups 24 hours a day. Bands like Blackpink or BTS will not be missing so you do not miss their latest greatest hits.
  • Rakuten Viki: available from January 14, we have an entertainment channel with all kinds of movies and series, standing out for offering the best Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean programs, such as Boys Over Flowers or The King Loves.
  • Pluto TV Documentaries: available from February 21, documentary lovers will enjoy a free channel that offers all kinds of topics, including historical figures, science documentaries, the history of French designer Christian Dior and much more.
  • Ice Pilots: Available from February 28, Ice Pilots will allow you to enter a world where pilots risk their lives every day to transport people or goods in planes from the Second World War. Would you like to accompany the Buffalo Airways pilots on their journeys through one of the most inhospitable places on the planet?

As you may have seen, you won’t be short of options to watch your favorite program with these free channels coming to Pluto TV in the coming weeks.

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