These are the 81 games that will be compatible with Steam Deck

With the planned launch of the Steam Deck for February, Valve’s PC-console is becoming more appealing among gamers, especially since little by little more is being said about its catalog and its performance. If nothing was known about the duration of its battery, today through the StreamDB database a list of games compatible with Steam Deck has been released, 86 to be more specific, but 5 of them…

Some users, through the search tools of the well-known StreamDB games database that is fed by Steam itself, have obtained a total list of 86 titles that would be cataloged as certified for Steam Deck, of which 42 of the lists They are in verified.

List of games compatible with Steam DeckStream Deck The Witcher 3

In the absence of Valve releasing an official list of games compatible with Steam Deck, the one obtained by users through the search tools of the company’s well-known game database has been a total of 86 titles of the most varied, which, if correct, would be verified for the new game platform . Of these 86 titles not all are 100% compatible.

Between these 86 localized games with compatibility certification, a total of 42 titles have been cataloged and marked as “verified” and 36 of them as “playable”. As a detail, the list shows 5 titles labeled as not compatible.

According to the cataloging of the database itself, it mentions that:

  • Verified: game you can use all default setting features of the controls and will have a performance optimal with default graphics settings for Steam Deck.
  • Playable: games cataloged with this mark may be executed, but they do not comply with any of the possible ones mentioned above and may not be fully compatible with some default configuration or not giving the optimal performance that Valve considers that it should give the Steam Deck in the graphic settings.
  • Not supported: games that won’t run on the console, such as VR games of the listing.

Green “Verified” – Yellow “Playable” – Red “Not Supported”

No performance details, concern?

In the absence of knowing more details about the performance of the console in some games, there is a general concern in the list of “playable” games. As mentioned above, necessarily are not verified due to lack of performance, this may be because some function or configuration of the game itself is not compatible, for example, with the controls of the Steam Deck and its button panel, Perhaps the game offers, such as Civilization 6 or Wasteland 3, a text box to write in the game itself and requires a virtual keyboard to enter information.

Concern among players due to ignorance, given that on the eve of its very early launch -we expect it in February- no FPS details have been released and console performance with no games, creating an uncertainty around its power offered by the AMD RDNA2 GPU that the console itself incorporates, which added to the latest details we know about the Steam Deck such as its battery life, creates clouds of doubt about its real usability as a portable PC console.

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