These are the advantages of using a virtual decoder to watch Movistar Plus+ on your computer

Although the Movistar Plus+ official decoder it works really well, especially since they are renewing the old models for free for UHD decos, there are times when we would like to be able to see the contents of the platform from the computer. And the solution is as simple as using a Movistar Plus+ virtual decoder.

To say that what a virtual decoder does is take the .m3u lists from Movistar+ to be able to enjoy them in the best quality. It is true that you can use VLC, but it has several problems, such as the fact that the channels appear without the logo, nor do you have access to the EPG or program guide.

Best of all, using a virtual decoder compatible with Movistar Plus+ is very simple, and you can do it completely free of charge. And seeing the advantages offered by this program, we invite you to try it and give us your opinion.

IPTViewr, this is the most popular Movistar Plus+ virtual decoder

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And this is where it comes in AlphaCentaury, a user who, tired of the limitations offered by watching Movistar Plus+ through VLC, decided to create his own virtual decoder that would allow him to enjoy many more functions. In addition, there are only two requirements that you must meet to use it: have contracted a Movistar Plus+ package (ADSL or FTTH fiber since the satellite mode is not compatible) and have the official Movistar decoder installed and configured. Note that it is essential to be a client of the companyotherwise the virtual decoder will not work.

If you meet these requirements, all you have to do is download IPTViewr on your computer. Say that this program is based on VLC and is compatible with computers that use Windows 7 or higher.

What advantages does a virtual decoder offer

Movistar Decoder

As for the advantages offered by the Movistar+ virtual decoder that we recommend, say that it does not consume excessive resources or request administrator permissions, so in this aspect you can stay very calm.

In addition to offering a simple and intuitive interface, you will be able to record live programs or schedule the recording from your computerperfect for not missing any chapter or program that you like while you are away from home.

Isn’t that enough for you? Well, you know that in addition you will be able to access the hidden channels of Movistar Plus+. The blue operator usually uses test channels to, as its name suggests, test all kinds of broadcasts, such as new Eurosport channels, to give an example. And with a physical decoder you don’t have access, but with the virtual decoder you will be able to see these channels. It is more of a curiosity, since they usually offer the same signal in a loop, in some cases there is only sound as they have DRM protection, but they are worth taking a look at. As reported by companions of MundoplusTVthere are currently 20 channels that broadcast the following content on the indicated dials:

  • 603 Telemadrid INT HD – Telemadrid INT HD
  • 679 Tests 1 – LA1 CASTILLA-LA MANCHA
  • 680 Proof 2 HD – BLAZE HD
  • 681 Test 3 – AXN (DRM)
  • 682 Test 4 – AXN
  • 683 Tests 5 HD – AXN HD (DRM)
  • 684 Tests 6 – NO ISSUE
  • 685 Evidence 7 – Telemadrid INT
  • 686 Tests 8 HD – XTRM HD
  • 687 Tests 9 – Movistar Plus+ curtain (DRM)
  • 688 Tests 10 HD – Sports by M+ (DRM)
  • 689 Tests 11 HD – DAZN F1 HD (DRM)
  • 690 Quizzes 12 – CMM
  • 691 Tests 13 HD – Golf by M+ (DRM)
  • 692 4K Tests – DAZN F1 4K (DRM)
  • 693 Tests 2 4K – DAZN F1 4K
  • S680 Test 2 – LA 2
  • S683 Test 5 – Movistar Plus+ curtain (DRM)
  • S689 Test 11 – DAZN F1 (DRM)

To say that this program is completely free and open source. Even the author of the same invites us to consult and download GitHub repository through this link.

How to install and test the Movistar Plus+ virtual decoder


Finally, say that the installation process is extremely simple and not difficult. You simply have to choose the folder where you want to download the program and follow the indicated steps. Although you should mainly click on the following and allow the “Microsoft Exception Message Box” extension to be installed if you do not already have it, we invite you to follow the PDF guide they provide. Finally, we leave you with the link so you can download and install this virtual decoder for Movistar+.

Download IPTViewr for free

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