These are the Asics shoes that will drive Naruto fans crazy

For decades, sneakers have been collected as if they were authentic museum pieces. And surely the new ones Asics based on the Naruto universe they will soon be the object of devotion from anime fans. Now we have seen them in their best version, and of course they are everything that fans could expect not only from Naruto, but from any sneaker with something special.

With three… pairs of slippers

The designer of this new series inspired by Naruto, Sebastien Abdelhamid, has been in charge of capturing on the fabric of these shoes the many details that usually indicate that we are dealing with unique objects from the Naruto universe. And he is also the one who has posed with them to show them in all their splendor in his marketing materials. Some shirts (what our grandmother would say) with which we can go out one afternoon like casual or directly to run with them. Although with the price they have, you probably prefer not to take them out of the box and let their value go up until we rent them to sell them for a pinch.

The collection that Asics is launching now precisely has two different models, one of them is the GEL-1130 which, in turn, has two different finishes based on Sasuke and Itachi, while the GEL-LYTE III offer a Kakashi-inspired finish.

And logically in the unique appearance and the customization based on the TV series lies what is special about these shoes. Uniforms are represented in them, such as the Sasuke’s Rinnegan Sharingan featuring a purple toned tongue and laces, as well as an upper with kakashichidori. The people of Konoha or the Akatsuki group through Kakasho or Itachi are also represented.

An interesting detail of these shoes is that have some superficial layers of fabric that can be left as they are, or we can cut them with a knife to expose the details that are hidden underneath of them. Therefore, it is even possible to customize them by choosing which areas are exposed and which are not. That’s why Asics let us play with a different design for the right or left shoe and vice versa. These are three models that hold interesting surprises, although the most normal thing is that the good collector leaves them as they come in the box and resists putting and removing anything from them.

As you can imagine we are facing a special and limited edition of sneakers that, probably, will soon disappear from the store shelves, also the virtual ones. And all this despite the fact that they are not exactly cheap. In fact, they are priced at 130 euros each pair and they are available in a range of numbers that ranges between 36 and 48, although it is precisely the highest ones that are practically sold out.

At the moment we can get hold of them at the French store Courir. Without a doubt, a jewel many will not be able to resist buying Because, whether we like it or not, these types of products are always a good investment, even if the anime theme in which they are inspired is not one of our favorites. No?

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