These are the Belkin products that Apple sells

Belkin is one of the brands that takes the most care of all Apple devices, and proof of this is that a large number of its devices are sold in the Apple Store online as well as in all the physical stores of the Cupertino company. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you what exactly are the Belkin products that you can buy through Apple.

Belkin Products Sold at Apple Stores

The so notorious presence of Belkin in the Apple Store it’s not by chance, since the quality of the products of this American brand speaks for itself. In addition, not only does it use the best materials and take great care in design and finish, but it also gives users of Apple devices the confidence that when they buy a Belkin product, they will have a great experience, enhancing if possible the one provided by Apple’s own teams. Below we leave you all the Belkin products that are sold in Apple.

  • Belkin Keychain Protector for the AirTag.
  • Belkin Strap Protector for the Airtag.
  • Belkin Carabiner Guard for the AirTag.
  • Belkin Wired Protector for the AirTag.
  • Belkin Keychain Protector for the AirTag.
  • Belkin Strap Protector for the AirTag.

  • Gan BOOST CHARGE Pro charger with 4 ports and 108 W.
  • Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO Portable Fast Charger.
  • Wireless charging support BOOST CHARGE PRO.
  • BOOST CHARGE PRO 2-in-1 wireless charging stand.
  • Wireless charger 3 in 1 BOOST CHARGE PRO.
  • Wireless charger for three BOOST CHARGE devices.
  • Wireless charging base 3 in 1 BOOST CHARGE PRO.
  • 7.5W BOOST CHARGE wireless charging pad.
  • BOOST CHARGE wireless charging base.

belkin charger

  • Sports magnetic mount.
  • Mount PRO magnetic car mount with MagSafe.
  • Dashboard mount.
  • Belkin BOOST Charge Pro Flex USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector
  • Belkin Auxiliary Power Cable Kit for Mac Pro.
  • RockStar 3.5mm audio cable with USB-C connector.
  • 5A Thunderbolt 3 Cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable with Lightning connector.
  • Superfast UltraHD 4K HDMI cable.
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K cable.
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K cable.
  • Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protector.
  • InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy screen protector.
  • UltraGlass Privacy Screen Protector.
  • Ultra Glass screen protector.
  • InvisiGlass UltraCurve screen protector.
  • 13-inch TruePrivacy screen protector.
  • 15-inch TruePrivacy screen protector.
  • 16-inch TruePrivacy screen protector.

belkin protector

  • Rockstar 3.5mm audio + charging adapter.
  • Belkin Lock Adapter for the Mac Pro.
  • Ethernet power adapter with Lightning connector.
  • Belkin USB-C to HDMI Adapter.
  • USB-C to VGA adapter.
  • Adapted from USB-C to Gigabit.
  • RockStar Lightning Audio + Charge Adapter.
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K adapter.
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K cable.
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K cable.
  • Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro.
  • 4-port USB 3.0 hub and USB-C cable.

Are they worth it?

As we said before, the quality of Belkin products is very high, but of course that Apple would not bet on them to sell them both in its physical stores and in its online store. However, and it must be said, they are not products that stand out for having a very cheap price.

Belkin AirTag and Keychain

Despite this, in the vast majority of situations it is very worth betting on a Belkin product before a similar one but for a lower price, whether it is a charging base for the iPhone, a cable or a screen protector, since without a doubt, the quality of the manufacture and the materials will make the experience very satisfactory and that the product lasts much longer in good condition.

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