These are the benefits of buying from Apple as a company

The advantages of buying as a company

The first thing that should be taken into account when buying a company are the advantages that are offered. Obviously there must be differences of relevance, since otherwise everyone would choose to purchase products through the traditional system. This section highlights the fact of obtaining discounts on specific products, better billing and VAT details, as well as personalized assistance for SMEs. Below we detail all these data.

Custom replacement services

Something that attracts a lot of attention is Apple’s replacement service. In a normal way you can know the Trade In program that is focused on users in general. On the other hand, SMEs and large companies have another individual program where the money is offered directly in cash. That is, the recycling that is done does not force you to invest the money in the Apple Store itself, being able to enter it into the company’s bank account. Although, this can be a very interesting way to make the renovation of the computer system much more economical.

Within the Apple website you can find a section that is dedicated to the recycling of several computers at the same time. This is limited only to SMEs, since you have to enter different specific data of companies and an individual is unlikely to have so much equipment to recycle. On Apple’s own website the form is detailed to be able to make an assessment of all the products that you want to recycle. Specifically, you can recycle iPhone, iPad, Mac and any used smartphone from other brands that are not from the Cupertino company itself.

The requirement that is imposed in this case is a minimum of devices to recycle. Specifically, they are required to be recycled minimum 10 units between iPhone, iPad or smartphone although you can also include only 5 Macs in each transition. As we have commented previously, these are figures that cannot be found in the case of an individual but in an SME, thus facilitating the purchase of new equipment.

Personalized billing

When buying as a company it is important to always have access to a legal invoice that allows debiting the corresponding taxes. In the case of Spain, VAT can be reduced as it is a business expense, being indicated for SMEs and also for those who are self-employed. Through the purchase as a company you guarantee this legal invoice and above all more information about how much you will be paying specifically.

With this we mean specifically that prices are always reflected without VAT and then this is added to the invoice itself so that you can deduct it. But prioritize the fact of offering the base price that is in the end the most interesting you can have. Later after the purchase you will receive your legal invoice so that you can debit the amount in a legal way.

Business assistance

Apple includes a department of assistance to SMEs that will advise you on everything you need. It is aimed at informing you which equipment is the most recommended for the activity you are developing. Especially it is interesting in the case that you are starting or are not very involved in the world of this company. This is a service offered through the Apple Authorized Enterprise Resellers network.

In addition to offering all kinds of services in the purchase, you can also make use of this service in the after-sales. This is aimed at offering the implementation of the necessary software that you have in your company. That is, the billing programs or applications that are necessary to be able to work together. All this will be implemented by official Apple technicians who are experts in software and hardware. Specialized technical assistance is also offered, although it is always advisable to have Apple Care.

technical support apple store

Apple also thinks about the financing of all these products in the case of entrepreneurs. When you are starting a business it is logical that you do not have a lot of money available at that time. That is why the possibility of opting for innovative financing plans that allow you to pay for the equipment in several installments is opened up as soon as the equipment is in operation since Apple promises that they are designed to last.

The conditions of this financing are flexible and the contracts are always clear. Apple details in this sense that financial services always offer the greatest possible flexibility adapted to the changes that exist and that adapts to long-term business plans.

How to access business purchases

Once all the advantages that can be obtained when buying as if it were a company are known, we will tell you how you can access this shopping section. At first you can access from the company’s own website. When accessing, at the bottom you can find numerous sections to navigate through the entire page that is not limited only to traditional purchases.

At the bottom you must go specifically to the company section, and you will see two sections: Apple and companies; Business purchases. You must click on the second of these options to access the website that is intended for SMEs. Here you will have all the information and direct accesses to the facilities of buying as a company. At first you will have access to the gateway to speak with Apple’s business experts. These can offer you a lot of information about which equipment is the most recommended for you.

apple company

If you continue to go down the page, you can consult other information that we have discussed throughout this article. Specifically, you can access the support of companies and also the financing options. But the really interesting thing is in the upper right corner, where it says ‘Buy’ with a blue background. By clicking here you will be able to see a whole series of devices that can be purchased as a company. You simply have to click on the one you want to acquire and you will be redirected to the configuration part that is exactly the same as that of a particular person. Once this is done, you will go to the company data and the payment system.

It is important to note that in some cases you can find slightly reduced prices. Although it is not the most common. It is always best to contact Apple itself to make purchases of a large volume of equipment from a company. The company can always be willing to reach agreements to offer a lower price or payment facilities. All this will always be consulted with Apple’s customer service.

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