These are the best curiosities of the new trailer for ‘Pokémon Españita’

Prepare Permit B

And without leaving this topic, the fact that the stations are shaped like gas stations may be more relevant than it seems at first glance. in one of the frames of the video, you can see an ad at the gas station with a wheel accompanied by a Qwilfish. Are they telling us that we can repair a flat tire? Will we be able to travel the map aboard a vehicle? In order not to anticipate, we will elaborate on this idea when we talk about Legendaries.

Past and future fully confirmed

purple scarlet professors

Much of what we saw in the first trailer was enough to hypothesize that the plots of these two games would be related to the past and the future. The new trailer makes it quite clear, both with the design of the legendary and with the two teachers.

the teacher is called dawn, and it has a look that reminds us a lot of the paleolithic era. ‘Dawn’ means ‘start’, and it’s a word Pokémon translators love. For example, it was already used in Kyogre Primal’s ‘Dawn Sea’ ability.

On the other hand, its male counterpart is called Turo, and wears a futuristic outfit that looks like it was designed by the Chozo from Metroid. His name could come from ‘Future’. In the Anglo-Saxon versions, the name has been kept.

pokemon teachers

Tronistas or Pokémon Professors?

With this on the table, we imagine that the events of Pokemon Legends: Arceus they will manage to integrate well in this ninth generation. There will be some explanation for us to bring back those extinct creatures from the past. What is strange is the use of two teachers. On Twitter, people have quickly turned these two characters into crushes, but what if they are the bad guys in the plot? So far, we haven’t been shown any villains.

Lots of Iberian Pokémon

pokemon purple scarlet trailer

when the first came out teasersome Pokémon experts calmed the masses by saying not to get our hopes up about the new Pokémon, as there would be one or two based on our region as much. However, the new Pokémon that we have been able to see in this trailer are very Spanish and very Spanish, which means that many poketubers They have been almost as successful as our beloved Fernando Simón.

Smoliv It will be one of the indigenous Pokémon of this region, a play on words with ‘small’ and ‘olive’. A very original design, as it seems something like a combination of an olive just picked from the tree with a pitted one that has already been pickled, and that keeps oil in the hole.

taurus boy t-shirt

The second creature is an Iberian pig, piglet, also quite nice, since it is even covered in mud —whoever has seen a wild one in nature will know that it is not mud, but hey, it is better to leave it that way—. We have also been able to see a small detail of what could be another Pokémon from this region based on Spain. It can be seen on the t-shirt of a boy who goes to monterías, in pure Osborne bull style. Surely he is a Taurus. Will it be the one of a lifetime or will we have a regional version?

Finally, the ‘Pikachu’ of this generation will be Pawmia mouse that is chonkand that will sell thousands of stuffed animals, because the truth is that it is very cute.

Dragons in my Spain?

legendary scarlet purple moto

Image: Reddit

Koraidon and Miraidon are the two legendaries that will appear on the covers of Scarlet Y Purple respectively. Korai means ‘old’ in Japanese, and ‘Mirai’ means future. Koraidon has a more classic design, while Miraidon has a much more futuristic look, based on an airplane. It is very likely that at some point in the game, we will use them as PokéMounts. In fact, it would not be strange if these two Pokémon could become vehicles to travel the map By land, sea and air. There are many details that indicate that these legendaries have seats, anchor points and that they could transform into various vehicles. Let’s hope that refueling them doesn’t cost two euros a liter.

Finally, as the user @chibisake points out on Twitter, Miraidon’s design is inspired by Cuélebre, a mythological serpent-shaped dragon that is present in the mythology of Asturias, León and Cantabria.

Other interesting details of the trailer

Oranges and grapes?

pokemon mentia

It was seen repeatedly in February and they are present again in this trailer. Menciathe game’s rival, also fuels this concept, since its design is based on an orange —hence its green streak—, and its name comes from the variety of grapes with the same name.

4 player co-op

scarlet purple co-op

There are Pokémon players who have been asking Game Freak for an MMO for years, and to a certain extent, Scarlet and Purple may fulfill that wish a little. Apparently, we will be able to play in teams of 4 players to fight, trade and explore the region as a team.

A new crystal-based mechanic

The trailer ends with a Pokéball passing in front of a background full of crystals. The crystal was already present in the first trailer, specifically as a kind of flash integrated into the Japanese video game logo. Reiterating this detail is no coincidence, which could mean that the new ninth generation mechanics would be something to do with crystal or diamonds.

At the moment, this is what we know about this game that will be released on November 18. As the release date approaches, Game Freak will release some more details that will confirm or deny some of the hypotheses that we have raised here. In the meantime, it will be time to wait.

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