These are the best F1 wheels for your PC or console that you can have

They are all designed to competition games but they work for anyone. If you want to use it in GTA to go to the hairdresser with your character, you can do that too.

best flyers

We will start from the most economical to the most professional, and therefore, expensive, so that you can choose according to your budget or needs which one best suits you. Of course, whatever you buy, they are all very cool and entertaining.

Superdrive Basic

We start with the cheaper and simple of all, ideal to give to a child as a first flyer for example. It is very basic, but to get a taste for this type of accessory it is very good.

PXN flyer

We continue with a somewhat more professional version. If we are already involved in this world, we will need something better, in this case PXN offers us three pedals instead of two, in addition to a gear change, as well as a higher quality with respect to the steering wheel itself.

Logitech G29

If we are still looking for something even more professional, logitech would offer it to us with its G29. We would talk about the best within this style of flyers. Its price is also raised a bit, but its quality is worth it.

Thrustmaster Ferrari

If, on the other hand, we are looking for this other type of steering wheel, more specific and realistic about Formula 1, Thrustmaster’s would offer us the best of the best. We would need the brand’s own base to attach it, but their quality and immersive feel make them an ideal purchase.

Thrustmaster SF1000

Continuing with this model, we would go to the TOP, the high range of Thrustmaster with its SF1000. A 1:1 replica of a real F1 wheel officially licensed by Ferrari. Something really impressive, if you try it you will not want another.

Next Level Racing F Cockpit

If you are already looking to ride directly in Formula 1, the Next Level Racing cockpit is your option. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what it would be, the photo makes it clear, so if you decide on one of the previous steering wheels and you want to get the most realism out of it, a cockpit is what you need.

These would be the best options that we can leave you, now it is up to you which one you choose. The money you want to spend will depend on your level of hobby and entertainment. In any case, they are all a good choice with which you will spend hours of super fun gaming with them.

Its operation is adapted to both PC and PlayStation or Xbox, we have not selected any that is specific to a platform, so wherever you install it, don’t worry, it will work for you. You just have to connect it via USB and that’s it, then you can start configuring the buttons so that they perform the action you prefer with each one, but that will depend on the game itself, not the wheel.

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