These are the best indie games for Android of 2021

Google Indie Game Festival 2021

Sometimes it seems that only on iOS there are high quality indie games, but it is certainly not like that. Google’s mobile operating system also has attractive proposals and even its own awards to recognize the best of each year.

The Google Indie Game Festival 2021 It has been held for some years now with the intention of rewarding the best games made by independent studios and developers for Android, hence Indie.

This year 2021 the competition began during the month of June, the date on which the registration period to present the video games opened. Those would be divided into three zones, selecting the winners from Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Well, after numerous registrations, the 60 finalist titles were selected and from there three winners would be chosen for each of the territories. Those winners would be announced during the month of September and this has been the case, it is already known what the winning games have been. So if you are looking for new titles to play on your Android phone and you like the whole indie theme, take a look.

The winners of the Indie Game Festival 2021

As indicated in the very section dedicated to the Indie Games Festival 2021, this is a festival that serves as a recognition for the passion and innovation of independent game developers around the world. Those who invest a lot of time with the intention of having their talent recognized through their work.

So, let’s see which have been the best three from each of the territories. So you will have a total of 9 games that you can download on your Android phone to enjoy them. Of course, some are paid and others are free, although later it offers integrated purchases.

The winners of Europe

  • Bird Alone by George Batchelor, UK. This is a game where you will have to answer the questions that your special colleague will ask you every day. They will be of all kinds and the final idea is that you grow together through all these questions that anyone does at some point
  • Cats in Time from Pine Studio, Croatia. It is about an inventor who has created a time machine. The problem is that her cats used her by accident and now she asks you for your help to travel to different times and rescue them while you solve different puzzles
  • Gumslinger from Itatake, Switzerland. A video game where you will enjoy very striking graphics and in which you will have to prove that you are a skilled gunmen

The winners of Japan

  • Odencat mousebusters. The Ghostbusters in mouse version, so you already know exactly what you will have to do: put yourself in the shoes of an intrepid mouse that must destroy every ghost it finds
  • Ruccho’s Quantum Transport, a puzzle game where you will have to push a cube between the different scenarios with the intention of taking it to the exact point. It’s not easy, but it’s addictive
  • Survivor’s guilt by aso. Imagine being trapped in a building elevator during a major earthquake. Now you will have to cooperate with others to escape, but be patient because this is a long-lasting game.

The winners of South Korea

  • CATS & SOUP by HIDEA, one of those video games that relaxes just because of its graphics. Here you will have to put a group of cats to work in preparing the best soup
  • Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games. This car game will test your skills as a driver, you will have to jump other vehicles and much more, but be careful with the police. Because if you break the rules and they see it they will come for you
  • The Way Home by CONCODE is the classic dungeon game where you will have to investigate while you kill the different enemies that appear while also collecting objects of all kinds

The top 10 finalists

As you can see, these are the three winners from each territory, but they participated more. Here you can check the top 10 finalists for each area: Europe, South Korea and Japan. In case you need more titles to keep an eye on to play little by little during those leisure time that you dedicate.

However, there were more titles, so to try to discriminate a lot and have more potions, these are the 60 selected for the final part.

  • Beat Workers by NaturalPad Games, France
  • Bird Alone by George Batchelor, UK
  • Cats in Time by Pine Studio, Croatia
  • Figment by Bedtime Digital Games, Denmark
  • Froglike: The Frog Roguelike by Jimjum Studios, Israel
  • Garson by Anastasiya Shabunia, Belarus
  • Gumslinger by Itatake, Sweden
  • Lyxo from Emoak, Austria
  • Psychofunk by Tommy Søreide Kjær, Norway
  • Railways by Infinity Games, Portugal
  • Sticky Terms from kamibox, Germany
  • Sweet Sins Superstars from Platonic Games, Spain
  • Tiny Robots Recharged by Big Loop Studios, Bulgaria
  • Tofu Drifter from Roach Games, Russia
  • JOX Development Towers, Ukraine
  • Unholy Adventure by Dali Games, Poland
  • Warplane Inc by Nuclear Games, Russia
  • Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown by Ultaan Games, Poland
  • Woof: The Good Boy Story by CHPV.GAMES, Russia
  • 8tbl Zen Symmetry, Russia
  • 3D Chess: NOCCA NOCCA by Curiouspark, Inc.
  • 5colors in Nate by NekodoraSoft
  • Amabie san from HARAPECORPORATION Inc.
  • Archer Battle Online by Takuya Fujieda
  • Cthulhu DreamStairs by Tenyu
  • ElectriarCode from ELECTRIAR LABO
  • Escape from the Closed Circle by Hanachiru
  • Heart of Sengoku by ZEN APP
  • Leaving Two Tiles Dojo by ScreenPocket
  • Living in the Ending World by illuCalab.
  • MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files “Executioner’s Wedge” by HafHaf-Oden
  • Mini Mini Farm by CoffeeBreak
  • MonohakobiPro by CGO
  • Odencat Mousebusters
  • Nukenin Numpurr Card Wars
  • Parasite Days by Zxima
  • Quantum Transport by ruccho
  • Super Glitter Rush by tiny cactus studio
  • Survivor’s guilt by aso
  • Baton’s Wolf Chess
  • Angel Saga from Alchemist Games Inc.
  • Animal Card Royale by Banjihagames
  • Animal Doll Shop by Funnyeve
  • BattleLive: Zombie & Human by PLOTRICK
  • Box It Up! Inc. by team TAPE
  • Cats are Cute: Pop Time by kkiruk studio
  • Detective Mio from 1N1
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos by BSS COMPANY
  • Forest Island by Nanali Studios
  • Frontier of Fortune by Dotomchi Games Inc.
  • Group Project Simulator! by Studio806
  • Gun Tactics by Gimle Games
  • Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord by Cat Lab
  • Metro Blossom by The Sane Studio
  • Oblique Line Dungeon Portal
  • Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games
  • The Way Home by CONCODE
  • Titan Slayer by Touchholic

Of course they are not the only ones, there were more titles that competed to gain a foothold and gain recognition from the developer community as well as users. Both important things, although many will appreciate more the economic boost that sales can bring. With which, likewise, you can get that oxygen balloon to continue doing what they like the most: creating video games.

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