These are the best keyboards to destroy in Dota 2

Gaming keyboards, more and more, tend to be universal, so to speak. Although a few years ago special models were released for LoL, WoW or Dota2, now that specialization has been lost. But, we have selected several gaming keyboards for dota2 and with which you can enjoy the game for hours.

We have been looking for options for all budgets. The good thing about Dota2 is that it is not very demanding in terms of hardware and it is free. These two factors make many users play it daily, being one of the most played on Steam.

Most interesting keyboards for Dota 2

As we have highlighted, specific keyboards are no longer usually made for MOBA and MMO games that have combo keys. The usual thing is to develop standard keyboards for all kinds of games and in some cases, the manufacturer through software allows you to program combos on the keys for games. Therefore, the keyboards chosen for this list seek to adapt as much as possible to the needs of the user, with different types of formats.


As a first option, being the most economical, we have this keyboard mechanic of format 60%. This type of keyboard eliminates all unnecessary keys, such as function keys. In this way, the size of the keyboard is reduced to the maximum and occupies very little.

Note that this keyboard is completely white and has Outemu Blue mechanical switches. These switches are of the “click” type, which allows us to be more aware of the pulsation. It offers a firm feel with great precision. It has individual lighting on each customizable key using MARSGAMING’s own software. Note that through this software we can create macros as we are interested.

East MKMINI MARSGAMING keyboard it has a price of between 32-35 euroswhich is excellent and very well adjusted.


Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro

If you don’t want such a compact keyboard and only have the number pad left over, a very good option is this Newskill keyboard. The Spanish brand offers us a complete and quality solution that also includes a very important element, such as a wrist rest.

Does this keyboard use Gateron Red Switches, which are the most focused on gaming. Something very interesting is that these switches are “hot swappable”, come on, we can change them whenever we want in a simple way for greater customization. These mechanical switches have RGB lighting independent that can be combined with the wrist rest. The lighting can be managed by the company’s software, which also allows macros personalized to taste.

Can we find this keyboard Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro for about 110 euros normal, although we have come to see it on sale for about 80 euros.

Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro

Logitech G815

Perhaps you are more interested in a full keyboard, but one that takes up little space. Well, this logitech keyboard it is very interesting, since it has a compact design and the switches it uses are low profile. We’re talking about very cool features that can be cool on a keyboard, which can be really cool for Dota 2.

We have used in this keyboard the Romer G Tactile low profile mechanical switches. These switches have a 1.5mm actuation distance and 3.0mm travel. Something very interesting in this keyboard, which allows it to have a lower height than other keyboards.

This Logitech keyboard is one of the few that you will find on the market with specific macro keys that you can customize. We can do it by your own G HUB software.

Currently this keyboard Logitech G815 round the 150 eurosalthough on offer we can find it for 100-120 euros.

Logitech G815

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Finally, we bring you this corsair keyboard high-end that features Cherry MX mechanical switches. It is designed by and for gaming, making use of the most outstanding and best valued switches on the market.

The first thing we must say is that this Corsair keyboard makes use of Cherry MX Red switches. These switches are considered the best for gaming, be it FPS games like MOBAs, among other types. Each of the switches features customizable RGB lighting via iCUE software. Note that, through this software, it allows the creation of individual macros per key. This keyboard integrates a memory of 8 MB, allowing you to store a large number of profiles.

Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 round the 180 euros, but on sale we can see it for about 140-160 euros, being a great buying opportunity.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

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